• Lara B

Women's wear business venture

We are very excited to announce an added venture for

Lara Kinnett, the owner of Lara B.

Lara will be the new owner of the prestige Martha V Ltd business in January 2020. Martha V, for those who do not know, is a women’s wear boutique, selling quality day wear and occasion wear. It is based on the High Street, just around the corner from Lara B. Martha Fraser, the owner since its birth, is ready for her retirement and we wish her well in this new chapter, with her husband Ian.

There will be no major changes to Lara B Couture.

Martha V’s name will stay firmly above her door, as will Lara B’s.

Martha V is a great asset to Lara’s portfolio. Martha has grown the business and kept this part of Newmarket’s High street thriving, with its presence of high end women’s wear clothing. Providing quality clothes, with an exceptional service, is what has kept her reputation strong and kept her loyal customers happy. The work ethics of Martha V are the same as Lara B, which is a great product that is slightly different from the High Street names and with excellent customer service. Always striving for excellence and going above and beyond.

Lara will be working just as hard at growing the Lara B Couture brand. The bridal boutique will stay the same, although it will be ‘strictly by appointment’, with some opening hours changes. Lara B Couture is Lara’s baby and always will be! However, Lara will be seen in Martha V some days, to stay focused to the customers’ needs and help with managing the shop.

She is privileged to be able to carry the Martha V success on and with its current staff, who have been working for Martha since the start! They know everything there is to know about running the shop floor and assisting their loyal customers. I look forward to getting to know these customers, and I know some of them are past visitors to Lara B, so I look forward to catching up.

Lara would love to bring a taste of Lara B Couture, and introduce bespoke elements to some areas of Martha V. Having an atelier service around the corner, will I hope offer something quite unique and truly special to all the Martha V customers. I’m equally excited to offer my bride’s guests, mothers and the groom’s mother, a special service on the door step of our boutique too. Any changes will come in small steps over the next few years, and I hope to have my own label, sitting within the Martha V brands one day too.

Over the next few weeks you may see me in Martha V, learning the ropes, organising a smooth hand over and getting to meet some of the customers. The day of completion, we hope, will be 2nd January 2020.

Meanwhile, I have been buying some very beautiful stocks for Spring/Summer 2020 with Martha. We’ve had great fun and believe me I am learning very quickly and from a true legend, who knows her stuff! I’m in very good hands, with big boots to fill.

We've been buying out of Lara B.........
And we've been to London too!

"I look forward to continuing the success of Lara B Couture and Martha V, and cementing their future in Newmarket for the next 10 years and beyond"

Lara Kinnett