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We are re-opening on 20th June!

We are so excited to be able to at last start to move forward, plan and reschedule our bookings again.

We hope you have stayed well and safe during these mad, Crazy times. Something we have all at times struggled with. Stress has gone through the roof for some, especially 2020 couples planning the best day of their lives.

For us at Lara B, it has been a roller coaster of emotions. From the heart break of having to close our doors, to the extreme sadness of weddings being postponed and the uncertainty of when normal will happen and weddings can resume once more.

However, one day soon we will be back open, in our creative bubble and starting to fit all the beautiful dresses once more. We stayed busy producing all the orders, and although one by one these weddings were postponed, we had to carry on. We couldn't afford to take our eye off the ball. We can't afford for a flood of orders and not be able to keep up with the new demands. We don't see this as now, but we do know 2021 has just got busy!

And we are ready!!!

What our new normal will look like.

We now know what the Government guideline are. They are mainly common sense and reliant on us, to make sure we have everything required in place.

We are restricting guests to just one, we are afraid. We are a small boutique which makes us very safe, but we do not have lots of social distancing. One bride, One guest and one member of staff is adequate and safe! We hope you can understand this measure. We have free wifi if you want to zoom more guests!

Masks - We will require all our visitors to wear a face mask please. We will also be wearing ours. We will giggle about it but it is essential for all our safety, as we can't always keep 2m apart during an appointment. We will do our best but masks will keep us safer and have been advised in our retail guidelines. We do have some medical quality masks for £1, if you require one.

We will ask you to sanitise your hands on arrival please. We certainty have plenty of the stuff!

We can not unfortunately serve you a hot drink like we would normally. However, we do have cold water on tap and some disposable cups, so something to keep us chilled hopefully.

Due to quarantine measures on tried on clothing being enforced, we can not see more that one bride in every three days! To offer the same amazing service for everyone, with safety and the use of all dress designs, we have decided to only operate one appointment at 3pm every Saturday. This guideline is the toughest for us. It limits our service for our usual amount of footfall. Therefore, we ask you to please take a long look at our website before making an appointment. We offer a bespoke, personal service and our gowns are made here in the UK. We have lot's of flexibility and our collection starts from about £1,800 - £2,500, as a guide.

Lastly, we want to reassure you that we will clean and sanitise every touch point in store before and after each appointment. We will take great care in following EVERY guideline with no cheating, no bending of the rules and no risks to any of us. As frustrating some of these new rules are, we all have to abide.

If you will find it hard to attend with only one guest, a mask, and restrictions, then please just wait a few weeks and months, as we are sure the easing will continue to change and hopefully soften in time. Don't let these restrictions ruin your experience but let them help create memories and stories!

We have a standard order time of SIX months, so don't panic for 2021 weddings yet. We have time!

We can't wait to see you all in store soon. Please email to make a booking info@lara.co.uk.

Stay safe

Lara and team X

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