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Our brides stories

We thought we would start to share some of the brides we have had so far this year.

June was a VERY busy month with brides weddings happening. We had so many Lara B Couture gowns to make and fit for June weddings this year, but we did it and very well too!

Our brides get the best service around. Obviously we would say that,lol. But it is what we are told by customers and we always strive to offer the very best we can and we go the extra mile to do it.

" The shop is beautiful, not pretentious, fun and most importantly – both Lara and Rosie really really care, and I think this is what makes the difference. Their true passion for weddings, brides and most of all dresses seems to be what makes them go above & beyond from start to finish."

By Anna (nee) Brown 2018

Every Lara B Couture dress is made with such passion, love, attention to detail and with the best fit possible! Dress orders start with a bodice toile (mock up) to perfect the fit before each gown is made. Most brides loose weight but doing a toile gets the best proportions, every curve in the right place and the closet fit we can before the real thing. We often have to tweak fit with weight changes but at least your boobs are in the right place and the waist is on your waist. NO ONE is the perfect shape or proportion, so getting this key part right, makes it the perfect start, to a perfect fit.

Toile fittings are really mainly for our benefit, as it takes the hassle out of difficult fittings near the end. If we can save you money on fits we will but we do charge a fee for the alterations thereafter. Just not the toile! Having a dress fitted in this way is certainly unique for most. It is usually quite a laugh, as it is certainly a raw element to the making of a dress. But essential for commission order's, as this is also part of perfecting the design too. Below is a toile fitting for a bespoke commission and as you can see a lot of pins,lol! Everyone goes in and out in different places and different way! Lara creates all the patterns and makes all the toiles, so fittings all take place in the boutique by herself.

A toile fitting for a very fitted plain crepe dress. Perfection is key!

After a toile is fitted, the final patterns are tweaked by Lara and a package of the fabrics etc are then taken to the seamstress Sue, who works her magic in producing the most well made gowns. And she is right here in the UK too, so a true British made gown.

Here are some of this years brides who all bought a Lara B Couture dress. All bespoke to the creation they loved. Trying on all the separate options we have in store but by also adding 'their bit' of detail too. Personal all the way!

Katie Allen: March 2019, Norwich.

Katie wore 'Fern' lace top with her 'A'line crepe underskirt with 'Evie' chiffon skirt over. Katie wanted a more dropped waist in the lace falling into the skirt, so after some mock ups in her appointment with lace scraps, her vision was visual and easy to see. We even lowered the scallop on the neck to fit the necklace that was her 'something borrowed' from her Mother. Katie's wedding was @theassembleyrooms in Norwich.

Pippa Moore : June 2019

Pippa came to us after some deflating experience in finding her dress. As soon as she put this combination of separates on she knew it was 'The one'. Most do really. Pippa wore the 'Petal' top with a fishtail champagne colour underskirt and 'Evie' chiffon over skirt. The perfect classical, relaxed dress on what was a VERY hot day!

"All I can say is wow! Before visiting Lara B, I was so disappointed by the impersonal experiences in other bridal shops and I'm just so thankful that I was recommended this gorgeous boutique. From the minute I walked through the door, Lara and Rosie made me feel so at ease and I so enjoyed every experience with them. My dress was absolutely beautiful and I can't recommend them enough."

By Pippa Moore

Janet Carrick - June 2019

Janet came to us wanting something unconventional. Not every bride wants a traditional dress! Janet had lots of amazing life experiences through travel and things personal to her, so we got to work creating her design, using these elements. This picture doesn't show off her dress (Waiting for more images,lol), however it completely shows off her character. A lovely lady with her own style and a huge passion for all things doggie! Her beautiful dogs were at their small intimate wedding @tuddenhammill and enjoyed being part of the celebrations and no doubt getting lots of attention themselves,lol.

Well that's a taster of whats to come. We hope to share a few more next month when the pictures hit our inbox. They make our day seeing how every thing comes together and how special the day was. Keep them coming! X

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