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Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Lara B has been trading since 2005 and Lara always strives for excellence, a personal service and individual style gowns.

In 2016, Lara decided the time was right to get out her set square, sewing machine and pencils and start designing her own in-house collection. With years of previous design experience as a lingerie designer, Lara had all the skills and tools to do this. It was in the business plan from day one too, but life, families and growing a strong and stable business came first.

Lara set to work and soon realised she had the perfect idea to give brides a unique experience and personal twist on choosing the perfect dress. It was bridal separates but to be made into ONE dress and here in Cambridgeshire too. Lots of brides would say they have loved the tops of some and bottoms of others, so this concept saw the launch of Lara B Couture!

The collection has been so well received, with brides travelling from afar to get the experience and choice the range offers. "I think lot's of girls would like to say they have designed their own wedding dress" says Lara. Well this range of bespoke separate options give you that chance. Try the options in store with lot's of help and guidance from Lara and her staff. No compromises with this range, just perfection in every way.

After nearly three years of having the range in store and trialling the different options, designs and choices, Lara has now decided this is the future of Lara B! Lara B is now 'Lara B Couture' and very proud to be able to call herself a full time designer and artisan in her own right again. the range is growing on a weekly rate and so the range stays fresh, on trend and current to what brides desires are. Lara is very aware that although her gowns are bespoke and handmade here in the UK, she needs to keep them affordable for many. Therefore, the price points of the range stay the same as Lara B brand has always stood for. Prices start from about £1,500 and go up to about £2,500. A commissioned design could cost more and always priced on application.

Lara continues to offer brides that unique and memorable experience to last a life time. Their personal, honest service stays the same and if the for front of the brand. Every bride is unique, so dare to be yourself and let us create your perfect wedding gown!

Ophelia dress from Lara B Couture
Ophelia dress from Lara B Couture


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