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New designs for Lara B Couture

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Lara has been adding a few new designs to the collection recently. We wanted to share them with you, as she has some great new shapes for you to try.

2019 has got off to a great start for the Lara B Couture collection. You continue to love the concept of mix and matching separate options and creating your very own bespoke dresses. Lara works on the shop floor daily and attends all appointments, and is a very good listener! With that she can create new designs suited to what people are wanting and asking for. Lara is good at seeing trends emerge but sometime too good and then too early! Designs Lara added a year ago, are now just becoming popular like the capes.

Her latest additions are quite classic. This Guipuire bodice called 'Sophie' is with a built up strap and the overlay is very luxurious. Maybe you prefer to add sleeves or remove the front coverage to show more skin. The options are endless.

Take a look below and see a few other new additions, now in store! The mix of choice is always yours to create, so book now and we can create your own bespoke dress!

The gupuire is beautiful on Sophie. The floral design is classic yet modern too.

Shown here with a soft tulle skirt for a relaxed feel.

Being able to mix up skirts with tops, gives brides such a personal element for their dress but also perfects the style and silhouette.

Dresses are fitted with toile (mock-up), so the bodice is made to order and fit. This service is all Lara B Couture gowns and a service we think sums up our brand. We go above and beyond for our customers and giving this service is a very special part of the memories you keep for your dress.

The back detail is so pretty on Sophie.

Gretel has a 'V' shape to the back shape. The under bust shaping is very flattering, especially to a fuller bust.

Mai is a very pretty, layered, organza skirt. Shown here over an 'A' line skirt shape but this can look stunning over a fuller skirt or even a fishtail underneath to show off the legs. You choose and we can advice!

Millie is a satin A line skirt. The classic line and added pockets create a relaxed feel to this option. Shown here with Fern our lace top but this style looks great with so many different options.

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