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Lara B Couture shoot day

On Sunday 7th April, the day was forecast to be warm and sunny and so perfect for our planned garden shoot of the new Lara B Couture collection. However, the day turned out slightly different!



Clarice Parrott getting warmed up

Fran Straker our Hair and Make-up expert

So after a couple of outdoor shots, we had to head in side. Then to test all our skills as we didn't really have a plan B at this stage. The weather forecast was wrong! The garden was in the grounds of a very modern, lived in house, so not ideal as a different back drop - However, we made it work!

Amy Johnson our beautiful model

Amy was a model we used at the @granarybarnsestate 'Style Edit' catwalk show. Her natural beauty, lovely smile and just the loveliest personality made her an easy choice to showcase our collection.

Amy was also Miss Cambridgeshire in 2017/18!

Bouquet made by Lara. Jack of all trades it seems,lol

The main part of the day had to be shot inside the house. The bland back drop of the stair well was great. Just had to move a few pictures off the wall and poor Clarice edit the hooks out afterwards,lol. The things we do for a picture.

Then we moved to a bedroom with this amazing cool chaise chair. What a beautiful shot of our 'Petal' bodice.

The front of 'Petel' shown here in all it's beauty. It's popular boat neck is so elegant.

Then the rain nearly stopped so we decided to head outside for a last dress. Getting damp we got some great shots of 'Rosie'. Rosie is a pretty embroidered dress with a naked feel bodice. The champagne underskirt creates a relaxed feel but also available in Ivory.

Rosie dress

Rosie with the river back drop. Stunning and so pretty!

L to R: Lara Kinnett, Clarice Parrott, Amy Johnson

It's a wrap

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