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Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Lara is busy designing new styles to add to the Couture collection. Lara B are very lucky to have an owner who is a designer. Lara is a passionate individual, who creates dresses by using her separate options she designs in store.

The Lara B Couture range is SO different to others. It is design led, using the latest trends and styles BUT still classic and wearable to most. Lara works in the boutique everyday (unless she is ill or on her two weeks of the year holiday!), so you see the designer herself. You meet the lady behind the brand. You meet a down to earth individual, who just loves every thing wedding related - obsessed you could say!

As Lara works the shop floor, she has an upper hand on most collections, as she listens and learns from what her customers are telling her. Lara can react really quickly too, so if your dress choice isn't here today, it may be in the next few days! Lara responds quickly to what brides want and her talent of knowing what trends will be popular is really quite clever. People say the Lara B Couture collection is really clever but you will only ever hear Lara say 'But I thought it was obvious!'.

Initial sketch ideas
Initial sketch ideas as Lara builds her collection

A toile pattern in work
A toile pattern in work

Having the choice of over 200 dress options, you have a strong chance that we will have a dress you love. Lara is a designer in her own right and never copies from others. She has a feminine style with modern twists and usually of a more relaxed style too. Coming from a design background and training, Lara loves fabrics and texture. Lara did Fashion Design but also Textile Design, and her flair of details and exquisite fabrics are really apparent in her collection.

People ask her where do you start with a new design. Well her answer is usually the same - 'The fabric or lace I have sourced'. Sometimes she says 'I just saw this amazing sleeve detail in a magazine and thought I just have to use it'. It is the small details she creates from. Fabrics are very important to her, as quality is key for the Lara B brand and that hasn't changed in the 13 years of opening.

Lara modelling a design on the stand
Lara modelling a design on the stand

Next years designs are either simpler and plainer in concept or use stunning floral embroideries on tulle backgrounds. The naked look is very on-trend and it really is a stunning look. It can be adapted to suit most wedding with the correct cover up needed to make it formal or not. Lara has lots of under bodice shapes you can use to give you more confidence or to give you more support. Then of course she can change it if it doesn't suit you. Having dresses made from separates means you can make so many changes to the shape and designs too. Lara hand cuts all patterns and dresses, ready for Sue, their seamstress to work her magic and make the dress.

A pattern in work ready to be cut out
A pattern in work ready to be cut out

The Lara B Couture collection is now the main collection Lara B stocks. Our other collections are still hanging beautifully in store but are working their way out in our sale on 7th January, 2019. We have to say goodbye and welcome in the new way of Lara B.

A design all pinned in place
A design all pinned in place ready to be sewn together! Atelier at it's best!

New start to 2019 with the launch of Lara B Couture, going solo! Out with the old and in with the very exciting new! Same old boutique, same old staff, same old coffee cups (well actually Lara has some new snazzy gold ones!) but in with a larger Lara B Couture collection!

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