Lara B Couture

This range of bridal separates is exclusive to Lara B and offers brides a unique way of buying the perfect wedding dress. Ever dreamt of creating your own wedding dress, especially for you? Like the top of one and the bottom of another? Well this range does just that!

Lara Kinnett, the owner of Lara B wanted to offer their brides some thing extra special. With a reputation of knowledge and understanding to brides needs, Lara decided to design her own range and offer an even more exciting experience for some brides. After years previous to Lara B, Lara worked in fashion design, so she certainly has the tools to do so!

The ‘Lara B Couture’ range is a mix of lot’s of separates to try on.

20 tops

10 skirts

200 variations

You as the bride, and us as the experts, can help you create the perfect look and feel for your personality and shape. You will try on the different separates in store and buy which combination works best for you. Then we make it here in the UK, especially for you, with what you put together as a complete dress. It is ordered in the size you are or a split size if different on top to the bottom. We can make small changes to the design, as all our other ranges offer, for a small charge. The dress will take 4-6 months, as a standard delivery and when it arrives you will come in for fittings, like any other dress you buy from us.

It’s a simple concept. This is an extra special way of buying your dress, as you can create your own individual look. The best part is that Lara has worked really hard to make this range more affordable to more brides, so the price bracket is £1,400 – £2,000. Most being around £1,500 – £1,800, but it depends on which combination you put together. Each item is priced separately, so it is very easy to keep to a budget whilst creating the dress.

COMING SOON – A new 2018 collection is coming to store offering more designs and options to a wider audience of trends and styles.