Wedding Fairs

Wedding Fairs – Are they worth it?

Wedding fairs are always such a popular destination for newly engaged couples. Obviously you are excited and want to see what’s out there and what things cost.

But Wedding Fairs are worth it if you pick the right ones.¬† I think if you just want idea’s at an early stage then a larger fair is great. However, they can be confusing and pointless too. We’d recommend smaller fairs at the choice of your venue or similar. These styles of fairs are more intimate and more focused even. We find the larger shows too intimidating and too mixed and too general for our customers. Our customer tends to want something different and more unique, so the larger fairs don’t cater for this so much. After all they cater for the mass markets in general.

Why do we do few fairs?

It’s easy really to explain. We do a few but aim at our market and customer style. We are a smaller boutique and we have a small audience of brides who are less traditional at times and actually very aware and in touch with the Social Media platforms we work on. This is where they get the best inspiration. Then they ask friends for recommendations or google. That’s the ‘sign of the times’ for us. Our brides know their style and generally pick us for that reason, as our dresses are slightly more different. also a lot of our customers live in London, so they can’t always come home to attend most fairs.

Also it is extremely hard to showcase your brands and service when you have a bland table, in a setting that is cobbled together for a day. Sometimes you take the right dress for one and not another, so we always feel we can actually do more damage to our brand doing some fairs. It’s like having a job interview for 2 mins and trying to sell yourself before you’ve even had a chance to speak, let along shout over the surrounding noise!

Which fairs are we doing?

This year we have booked two great fairs. Smaller shows in venues that suit our style of dresses and have a lovely vibe and hopefully the right customers too.

Hockwold Hall – Sunday 28th January – 11am -3pm

A beautiful venue and setting. We have been to this venue on several occasions and the fair has a great up beat feeling to it. Set in Norfolk, the setting has a relaxed garden feel and the venue having character is just stunning. The classical setting is great for a traditional garden wedding or even more relaxed in their wooded area’s in the grounds. Something to suit lot’s of style weddings.

The Rustic Wedding Show – Sunday 22nd April – 11am -2pm

Set at Manor Barn,¬†Cambridge, the title says it all. Tipi’s, barns, industrial and all things on trend and modern. Perfect for couples wanting to source wedding businesses in this style wedding. This is typical of our customer, who generally want a more relaxed wedding, full of personal inspirations, DIY details and trends and yet classical too.

Manor Barn 22 April 11am - 2pm

So our advice is pick wisely. Only do one. Have a nice day out with friends or just your nearest and dearest to check things out.

Hope to see you at soon!