Trends for 2016 wedding dresses


Well we are back from our most exciting buying trip for a few years.

We love seeing all the new gowns from the designers and seeing what’s new and any key changes we need to be showing our brides. For years now we have seen all lace gowns in stunning necklines, which brides have adored and still do. ¬†We can confirm lace is still very strong but there is a change in how it is being used!

The laces are becoming lighter and more delicate. The over all looks are far more delicate, feminine and pretty. Lace with contrasting fabrics; using softer, fluid fabrics like chiffons, organza’s and Georgette’s. Silhouettes are flowy and far more fluid and sensual. Lace is being used in a more transparent way too, with more skin showing underneath layers of lace or organza. There was a strong influence in more textured floral details with beading and also jacquard fabrics to add an all over impact.

Low backs are still key, whether using the tattoo look with laces over tulles or just deep cut out shapes into waist lines. Obviously for a bride with a fuller bust this is not suitable, but there were alternatives to create this look and cover all body shapes. Another shape being showed for all you more discerning brides, were shorter skirts. Not the 50’s prom style shape we have seen the past few years, but more column skirts with cute shapes and killer heels showing underneath! Not for everyone but the new ‘tea length’ for those quirky, fun brides. Also skirts that were short and the front but longer at the back!

The over view was exiting. We love seeing a shift in styles, as it excites us, and more importantly brides. Weddings seem to be more relaxed and less formal for more couples now, so these styles will help keep the day just that. But for all the weddings with a grand formal theme, then don’t panic, as there were some stunning slightly fuller gowns with this feminine twist that added a real princess style.

Now we have to wait to receive them! We hope to see the first new dresses starting to arrive over the late summer into autumn. Can’t wait.