Top 5 tips on choosing your wedding dress

We can recommend so many but we think the follow five tips will certainly help you remain focused.

1. Start early enough to avoid stress and a last minute panic. We recommend 10-12 month before is a good start.

2.Do your research in choosing which boutiques to visit. We all stock different dresses and all have a different price points and service. Look on websites but better still visit shops prior, by popping in during the week (Less busy) or call and talk to someone. We are here to help! Be open minded when you start, as we find most brides end up with the opposite to what they thought.

3.Decide your budget and then see what you can get for this. If your budget doesn’t cover the ranges you love, either accept you may need to change or up the budget. Never regret not having your dream dress for the sake of a few hundred pounds!

4.Take one or two guests with you. Take the people you trust and know you most. Make sure you take the person you wouldn’t make a decision with out too. You never know when you will find ‘the one’ and time is precious for us all. come with the reception venue clearly in your head too, as it helps you imagine the day better.

5. Most of all, enjoy the process. You will know when you find ‘the one’. We are here to help you and guide you but ultimately you know how you feel in a dress and that accounts for everything.


Hope that helps and see you soon.