Reflecting back on 2015

Well the year has flown by – we know that! However, we have just had an extra exciting year with lots to reflect on and celebrate.

Firstly we celebrated 10 years in business. A milestone and an honour to have made it. Having your own business, creating a brand and reputation is something we pride ourselves on at Lara B. We try and keep up with the trends, economic markets and offerings. We don’t like to be followers and our brides appreciate that about our ranges and service. I think that is what has given us a strong reputation over the ten years and we are now a destination boutique that brides are not disappointed to visit. With our expert advice and honest approach, your experience will be top class and personal.

10 years of working with brides – we love it!

Secondly, we ventured into our own label – Lara B Couture. This is something I have always wanted to do, coming from a fashion design background. However, establishing the business and finding our key market was my first aim. This year, I felt it was the right year to launch this. Knowing it was our 10 years in business, I also felt it was a nice platform to launch it from and to show everyone we are stronger and stronger, and are not getting complacent in our old age, lol. In January I started to sketch and collect fabrics to work with. I was in my element! Having visited fabric trade shows and having a clear direction of what the range should be; I set to work. Having all the tools and knowledge to pattern cut, I was able to develop the range personally.

My design style is classic with details and I loved working with different laces and layers to build texture and fluid styles. The range (if you haven’t seen the previous blogs) is built up of separates that brides can mix and match to create their own dress. Then it’s made here in the UK, as a complete dress. It’s different and unique and so far brides are loving it. No one yet has chosen the same combination either, so it shows the power of the way it works. Every bride is individual!

Lara B Couture logo Lara B Couture was launched.

Another very exciting thing that happened, was getting on the front cover of ‘Ultimate Weddings’ magazine with a picture of the Lara B couture range. We did a photo shoot back in July, with talented photographer Kevin Scott-Wood. The shoot was at Island Hall, Godmanchester and was a great success. With the help of great models and the ever talented Boe (Botais make-up and hair) the results were stunning.

Ultimate weddings cover Lara B Couture gets on the front page!

As well as our ongoing ranges we love, we also introduced an exciting new range this year from Rembo Styling. This range offers good value dresses from £1,200 – £1,500. The range has a boho influence with soft laces and quirky styling, perfect for a destination wedding or relaxed feel.

Rembo Styling Sacha ‘Sasha’ by Rembo Styling RRP £1,200!

We have seen yet more lovely brides this year with their families and friends as guests. We get such a variety of brides, who travel near and far. We’ve had all sorts of themed weddings this year too, which we love working with – Downton Abbey, Modern 20’s, Wooded venues, Festival styles, Relaxed vintage, Contemporary and Classic elegance to name just a few!

Well we look forward to 2016. We will continue to grow and do what we do best!

Happy new year and see you in store soon.

Lara xxx