New Rembo Styling gowns coming soon

Rembo Styling is the boho dress collection to try.

If you love the look and feel of boho but want a dress a little more bridal than festival, then Rembo Styling is the perfect collection for you.

The collection is for a carefree bride wanting her day to be filled with her best friends and closest family and have a party. The relaxed feel of these light weight gowns is growing in popularity. However. their chic edge and added classic twists makes it perfect for most wedding styles.

The dresses have hints of soft modern laces and teamed with soft flowing fabrics like chiffons and crepes makes them feel just beautiful and soft. Their light structure adds to the relaxed feel they give but the fabric quality gives the support needed to make them feel like a wedding dress and not a gown.

How much are the dresses?

The gowns we stock vary from £1,300 – £1,550, so a great price for these dresses. The quality of the collection is beautiful as they are made in Portugal.  The laces they use are sourced mainly from Europe and have a certain twist of traditional, yet modern too.

Will these dresses suit a fuller figure?

We are hear to advice on all our dresses suitability but yes most of the Rembo styles will suit a fuller figure. Feminine and Honey Bear are great for a fuller bust and will suit a size of up to a size 20. Both of these dresses have the option to add sleeves too, so a popular choice for that extra cover up but in fine Chantilly laces. We hear so many bride wanting to cover their arms but most laces are so heavy it makes them look frumpy. This range uses such soft, delicate laces it helps flatter arms.

Can I make small changes to the design of these dresses?

As with most of our dresses, YES. Small design changes can help perfect any dress and it is something we do on 70% of our orders really. Raising a neckline, adding a sleeve, filling in an area are just of the most popular design changes we order. These changes can be as little as £60 per change.

When are the new dresses coming into store?

Right now we don’t have an actual date but we estimate they will arrive October. With a 6-7 month order time on dresses, this will be in time for most 2018 weddings. We will post on our facebook page when they arrive, so maybe ‘follow’ the page to get in quick.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 7:34 pm

That’s the model’s fitted for #styleedit at The Granary Estates this Thursday and Friday.
Now to alter and finish making, lol 😛

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Monday, 12 November 2018 10:55 am

New by #larabcouture.

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Some of the new, stunning dresses coming soon.

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