Need a wedding dress quickly

If you need a wedding dress quickly and don’t have the months it normally takes, then don’t panic!

Our designers do require long lead times of a standard six months, from order to wearing the dress. However, we are continually getting brides who need a wedding dress quickly.

How we can help

Firstly, book now Talk to us about your options and wedding date we need to work to for you. Most of our designers do require the standard six month order time BUT we are currently offering a wedding dress service for a complete ordered dress in 10 weeks from our Lara B Couture collection!

Why can you get me a dress in 10 weeks, when no one else can?

It’s simple, we have our own in-house range called Lara B Couture. Our range is very versatile, as we can create over 200 dresses with the separate options to come and try. The range is a ‘mix n’ match’ creation. We help you create your perfect dress by swapping and changing the options around. It is not only clever, it is fun too! With nearly two years since we launched the range, we have perfected it’s manufacturer timing too. That’s why we can make it in this short lead time. NO EXTRA COST either, like some designers charge. We guarantee we can make the dress of your choice from 10 weeks of order, including the fitting for you to take away and wear. (You do need to be available for regular dress fittings after 7 weeks of the order though.)

What styles do you offer in this range?

We have a dress for most. The range consists of classic styles, as well as more relaxed, unique designs. We’d describe the range as mainly Boho chic but the new designs have a real twist of glamour too. There are some fishtail shapes but also lot’s of fuller ‘A’ line skirts and Tulle overlays. If you look at our Lara B Couture page you will see a few of the options. However, Lara has been busy designing new options that are not yet to see online. You’ll have to be one of the first brides to come to store and try those one’s! The price for the range varies for what options you choose. As a guide the range starts from £1,400 – £1,800. Here are some real brides who chose a ‘Lara B Couture’ design.

anna-and-dave-lara-b-couture Emma Henshaw

Will I have to have separates?

No! The separate options are just there for you to mix n’ match the options to build your dress. No one wants to take a risk by not seeing the finished dress, so the separates allow just this! Then the options are made in your size and in to ONE complete dress. Unless you want separates of course!

Our service for this

Firstly, let us reassure you the service isn’t compromised for a 10 week order. We just get to see you sooner than normal after you order the dress, lol. You will come for the initial appointment, which are 90 mins long. Knowing you already have a short time line, you are advised to bring the person you wouldn’t make the decision without. We have learnt from experience that too many guests cause you all confusion, so 2-3 guests is perfect. Always remember we are experts in what we do and we are here to help you find ‘The dress’ but with out pressure. Our boutique is relaxed and full of inspiration. The kettle is always on, ready and waiting too.

See you in store soon

Lara & Rosie X