Need a wedding dress alteration

Bought a wedding dress in need of a dress alteration?

We obviously offer an alteration service for all our own brides, here at Lara B, using our own seamstress. However, we are now offering the ever increasing demand for this service to all brides, who need their dress alteration too.

Wedding dress alteration is a skilled job. Not anyone can successfully alter a wedding dress and we hear so many horror stories of people who try. NEVER sacrifice a good fit for your dress, as it will ruin your day. Not just that, you want to look your best.

What is the service on offer?

We are offering the fitting service here in the boutique, as all fittings. The fitting will require you to bring your dress, shoes and underwear to all fittings. Our in-house fitter will see what needs altering and action everything from the boutique. The service is the same as all our own brides, so their is no compromise on service. We do all the running around to the seamstress, making your experience comfortable and professional. The appointments will be 60 mins and we limit guests to TWO per appointment!

What are the costs?

The costs will vary of course, depending on what you need doing. However, as a guide most brides spend about £200-250. That will include a hem and a tweak of the bust area. We also charge £20 for the first fitting appointment, refundable against the final charges. You are welcome to call first and discuss what you require and we can suggest a price for a better guide for you.

Here are the basic wedding gown charges below.

Hem: £120-£150

Take in a bust: £90-£120

Make dress larger (if possible) – £100-£150

Design changes – On request

What alterations can you do?

We can do the basics as above. However, we are always helping to re-design dresses and create a DIY version of something. We love this! We are often asked to help re-design or just fit old gowns worn by a Mother or even Grandmother for their wedding. Adding straps or a built in cover up is also very popular. Basically with the design expertise from the staff and the talent of our seamstress, we can do most things. Just ask!

What are the time scales for alterations?

We always suggest the first fitting to be 6-8 weeks before the wedding. However, this is only a guide. We do not recommend much before 10 weeks, as you may change size slightly and this will only cost you more. You need correct shoes and bra (If wearing one) for all fittings, so make sure you have those. You will need at least two fittings and sometimes more, depending on what needs doing. We always aim the last fitting to be about two weeks before the wedding. Always book as soon as you can, as the season will get busy from April on wards for fittings. We can not guarantee to be able to do every fitting requested, due to schedule and timings. Always, first come, first served.

Can I try accessories on during my fitting?

Within the 60 min appointment, you have a little time to look at accessories. We have a large selection of veils and accessories to try, so let us know when booking and we can try and accommodate a longer appointment. Accessories can take 4-5 weeks to order, so arrange to try these on in the first fitting appointment.


See you soon

Lara & Rosie XX

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