Marriages are in decline

Apparently in the UK marriages are in decline have been blamed on high wedding costs.

Why? Well lots are blaming it on an increase on the costs required. Marriages are in decline, and have been since 2015 according to Office of National Statistics (ONS).  Experts have said couple have chosen to buy a house or start a family instead of footing a wedding bill of the average £27,161!

Marriages are in decline, and this will be up and down forever. However, wedding budgets needed to be planned and prioritised to help keep costs down. It won’t be cheap! However, it can be more affordable if you stay savvy. With everything at the touch of a finger, there are no excuses to keep the budget in control.

Here are our tips:

Venue: This the main cost, so choose wisely. Basically after you have spend good money on the venue, food and drink, you will know what is left your the details!

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Dress: Of course this is a top priority to most brides-to-be. The day to feel like a princess and wear the one dress you will remember forever! Will a £5,000 dress feel better and look better than a £500 – Well probably! So don’t try on dresses that are not in your realistic budget!!!! We see brides all the time saying ‘there isn’t a budget. If the dress is right, I will pay for it’. BUT there is always a ceiling cost a person will pay and we in boutiques can not mind read what that is. We try to suit lots of brides needs, styles, body shapes and budgets. Don’t let us sell you the most expensive dress in the shop, if you can’t afford it. It helps no one and just confuses you and makes you realise you have second best! Lot’s go over budget buy a few hundred pounds but not many over £1,000 more!

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Do research before coming to bridal shops. Look on line at styles and average price brackets shops advertise. This will help you steer the right direction. Most shops have sale rails too, so if you have a smaller budget, always look there. BUT tell the assistant serving you first, so not to cause embarrassment for all. We are only here to help you, guide you and give you the best experience we possible can; whatever your budget. Our dresses are priced from £1,300 – £2,500 with most falling in the middle of that bracket.

Experiences:  Usually come with a price tag. We are here for you and your guests. Just you in the boutique getting 1:1 service with all our expertise, knowledge and fitting expertise too. All our dresses are made to order or have bespoke design elements, so you are getting some thing very special. We stock superior quality to match the service we offer. Having our own bridal separates range, exclusive to us, give brides some thing extra personal and special too. Memories are forever, so don’t sacrifice that element if you can.

Photography: Personally I always say never sacrifice the cost of a great photographer. They are there to capture every moment of the day. Everyone can take OK photographs with the great phones we can buy now. However, most don’t have an amazing eye or skill to capture moments with the best expertise and eye. That’s called ‘Talent’ and that isn’t something you can just learn. Choose wisely but mostly chose someone you feel at ease with. They are in your face all day after all, lol. A really good photographer will cost about £1,500 – £2,000 for a full package.


Bridesmaids: These could end up costing the same as your dress if you are not careful. Online stores like ASOS are amazing at these dresses. Fashionable and cheap for what you get. You can easily save £100 per dress like this. Remember you still may need alterations but maybe ask the bridesmaids to pay for this? After all they are getting a free outfit for the day.

Flowers: I think this area is an area lot’s cut back on by DIY. This is great if you can but you’ll probably still need a bouquet or more. Bouquet’s are quite technical to create and of course design to compliment your dress and style. Good florists are again Artists! Having arches of flowers and wall displays for a photo opportunity is amazing and flamboyant, but it will creep your costs up. Most good florists have equipment that can be hired – Vases, candelabra’s etc but some times it isn’t much more expensive to get them to do it all. Flowers have to be done 1-2 days before the wedding. Do you and your Mum, Aunts, Sister, Groom and best Men, really all want to be doing these displays in this time? NO! Let the experts create the spectacular BUT again choose wisely. The more flowers you use the more expensive it will be.

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Guest list: Talking point to most couples planning a wedding. It’s where most arguments are had too. Again choose people you really want to share the day with you. Each guest could cost you £100/head, so why invite people you haven’t seen for the last year! This is an area you need to be really ruthless on, to keep costs down. If you want 100 guests, then look at venues that offer a cheaper package, village halls, pubs etc. Your day is special what ever, so don’t be fooled into what people think or say. It’s not a competition of who’s had the best day and where it is. It is far better to keep things more relaxed and small but give guests finer details they will take away and remember forever.

Pick off season too to get better and cheaper packages from venues. Obviously the late Spring and Summer weekends are the most popular and so most expensive. Think about a mid week slot or winter. You can save thousands by doing this!

Wedding Cake: You either splash out with something show stopping and personal in design OR go to Waitrose and get a tiered cake and add a few flowers to it. The difference of £60 or £500 plus!

Hockwold Hall Shoot-34 - Copy Cake by Yellow Butterfly – Ely.

DIY extra’s: These make your day yours! We love hearing all about these extra details. It gives us a great insight to who a bride really is. Chose carefully as these can add up considerable.


With the average spend £27.161 for an average wedding, then with savvy buying and priorities we can see you could easily get this down to more like £15,000. It will take time, planning and a few sacrifices along the way though!


Good Luck and keep getting married. It’s the best day of your Life!!!!!!