5 top tips on choosing your wedding dress

There are many tips we can offer but these are the main points.

  1. Do your research first. Look at boutique websites and ranges you feel suit your style and wedding day. Even better do a recky of shops you think are more suited to your style and budget. It saves so much time wasting for you and of course us.
  2. Be open minded. Most brides end up with something very different to what they thought. Don’t forget magazines and pictures are not you and your style wedding. Don’t be fooled by nice pictures and styling. Your dress will find you but trust the professionals on their help. A good boutique will have expert knowledge and advice to help find ‘Your dress’. Lara B prides itself on this and our ranges are quite flexible on design, so we can perfect any dress to suit you and your body shape.
  3. Bring a guest. Definitely bring a guest or two. We find by experience that too many guests are very confusing for brides, as it brings too many opinions. A mother or very close friend or family member is usually the best. We at Lara B have created a lovely spacious area for brides which has sacrificed lots of seating for guests, so we can not cater for many guests in store.
  4. Be realistic on your budget. Do your research on prices of dresses you like. Don’t try dresses on that you can’t afford, as second best is not what you want. Obviously you mainly get what you pay for but when you have tried a few on and know that, your decision to maybe spend more is justified. We cover a wide bracket of budgets from £1,200 up to about £2,500. We also have a continual sale rail of ex-samples in very good condition. These are usually 50% off or more, so real bargains here.
  5. Enjoy it. Go to shops that have come recommended on service and knowledge. It’s not all about the dress, it is the service you receive which makes it enjoyable and special too. Our service at Lara B is personal and 1:1, with only one bride trying on at any one time. This is why brides recommend us to all their friends and family!

Good luck in your search and we look forward to seeing you in the boutique very soon..