Congratulations on all new engagements, over the festive period

Your engaged! Now to start the planning.

Christmas and the New Year are busy times for people popping the big question, to become engaged. It’s such an exciting time with everyone to tell and celebrate the good news with.

Then when the dust settles, the reality sets in and the planning starts. The first thing, is to set a date and that means booking a venue and Church or registrar.

When you have the date sorted, the finer details can be sorted. Mainly THE DRESS! Dresses can take six to seven months to order, so try and organise around this knowledge.  Last minute orders can be granted with a small ‘Rush Cut’ fee, or look at our sample sale on 5th January, and grab a bargain. Budget for the dress and be realistic. Look on websites to get a feel of what you get for your money. Then be a little open, as the perfect dress may be a few hundred more but may be worth every penny. Our dresses start from £1,300 – £2,200 as an average.

When you find the dress, then the other details seem to fall into place. Bridesmaid dresses, colours, flowers, make-up and hair etc etc. Don’t forget to book your photographer at the start too, as they can only do one wedding a day! The best go quickly, so try and organise this as soon as you can.

We suggest you start looking for your dress when you feel ready to commit to one. There is no point looking too early, as it only confuses you. Dresses do come and go through the seasons. Most brides look 10-12 months in advance, which gives you time to look at a couple of shops and make the right choice without pressure of time scales.

Well Congratulations on exciting times ahead. Please look on our Social media pages too, for other up to date information.

Lastly we look forward to seeing you soon!

Happy New Year X