Brides from this year

Brides from this year in pictures!

We love sharing pictures of our brides, their days and stories. We have had some amazing brides in this year, with such lovely families and guests sharing their experience.

Every bride is unique to us and everyone wants different and has a different vision for their day. We’ve had classic and elegant to fun and diverse. We love working with all our brides-to-be, and finding out all the details and features they want for their big day. We are sometimes challenged with something adventurous or very unique, but we are always so happy when we find a bride her perfect dress and to be part of their special moment. Especially when we have added bespoke details to perfect it with no compromises.

Sharing brides (and Grooms) special day is always a pleasure. Not only does it showcase their days and give you inspiration, it always showcases our brand and how amazing our dresses really are. We have ranges to suit so many styles of wedding and hopefully this shows that even though we are a small boutique, we are big on design and uniqueness.

Rachel’s wedding at Chippenham Park, July 17′

Rachel came to us thinking she wanted Fishtail, lace and didn’t like bows. She visited our store after visiting a stream of shops but kept getting confused. After a brief chat, we soon realised that Rachel wanted something different to most, but also classic for her elegant country wedding day. Rachel just wanted to look herself but have the real ‘Look at me, wow factor’ too.

I had one dress in mind when we started and it was everything she said she didn’t want,lol! BUT we just knew it had Rachel’s name all over it. It was plain, Full and had a big bow at the back!!! Rachel fell in love with the Jesus Peiro range, for it’s classy cut, simple modern lines and the wow factor they gave, as they are quite different. There was just two small things missing………BLING and a LONGER TRAIN! So with the added bespoke touch’s, she said YES TO THE DRESS.

At fittings we worked with Rachel to perfect the final touches and details, like jewellery, veils, make-up and hair. Rachel wanted everything to be so perfect and with her look already being glamorous, she was hard to please (she won’t mind us saying that) Not a Bridezila but a bride who was easily confused and who put a lot of pressure on herself to get it all right. We had several occasions when we had to be brutally honest and disagree with her choices. Her hair, make-up and jewellery mainly and I know Rachel was so very grateful we were. We are here to help and we know how stressful the build up is, so we are only too pleased to offer any advice we can. The end result was 100% Rachel and all her efforts pulled it all off.

Her are a few pictures of Rachel’s very perfect day, although she did have to put up with about 28 degree heat,lol!

FB_IMG_1512398400516 FB_IMG_1512398419503  FB_IMG_1512398889145 FB_IMG_1512398901431


Samantha’s wedding in France, July 17′

Sam came with her Mum from the Norfolk area, to look for her dress with idea’s of what she wanted. Simple elegance and not too heavy to wear, being in France. Her day was to be relaxed and in a French chateau, with their closest friends and family. A week of celebrations building up to the big day meant it was an emotional time.

Sam wanted a classic look and on her small frame she needed something soft and delicate too. We soon found her style in the Lara B couture range. Our in-house collection is great for brides wanting to perfect the dress and design it themselves. Using the separate options she found the perfect look and feel. Then we added a Chantilly lace shrug by Augusta Jones to finish the look, with an added wide satin ribbon sash. So pretty, classic and elegant for Sam.

Sam’s experience was quite straight forward, and we knew each visit was a shared experience her and her Mum cherished. We loved having them in the store and had some giggles along the way. A last minute alteration to the shrinking Sam, sent her on her way to France, with a last minute panic from Lara, thinking her sash wasn’t in her bag! She was right it wasn’t, so good old Royal Mail got it to her the next day, before she left,phew!

Am amazing setting for Sam and her groom below.

sam 1 Sam sam2 sam3


Sam’s Boho wedding in Long Melford, June 17′

Sam is our first return business and she won’t mind us saying that,lol. When Sam came back for her second marriage dress, she didn’t want anything like her first one. She still wanted a classic style, as it suited her and the ceremony was in a church too, so she felt it was more suited.

She settled on a dress which was 2 sizes too small in our sale with a promise of loosing weight, as she had recently had a baby. Then about 5 months before the wedding she calls in a panic, saying she hasn’t lost enough weight and that she may have fallen out of love with her dress choice. Sam came back and ended up loving a Rembo Styling dress. She felt amazing, relaxed and most importantly to her, a beautiful Sam being a bride. Some dresses can look amazing but they can over power or take over who you are as a person. After a big gulp, she decided to start again and buy a new dress, in her size,lol!

The dress called ‘Feminine, was changed to add 3/4 length sleeves, which gave Sam comfort and she really did look beautiful. The ethereal look was perfect for the farm setting, her adorable little boys, and her happy ever after ending she so deserves! We absolutely loved having Sam in store, her bonkers and lovable personality and we couldn’t be happier for her finding the perfect man.

A few pictures that sum her and her day up!

image3 (3)image6 - Copy - Copyimage5

Jessica’s Boho chic day at Bassmead Manor Barns in September 17′

Jess came to us with her Mum and Sister looking for her relaxed dress with her unique twist. Living in Leeds was a long trip to visit but Jess said it was always a joy to come and worth the long drives.

Jess fell instantly in love with our Lara B Couture range.  Mixing the separates up and getting the perfect combination was actually quite easy for her. We used the Champagne under tone to add a real depth and twist, to fit beautifully into the rustic elegance she was aiming for. Adding a lace bodice with spaghetti straps was the perfect option. Mum wanted something pretty on the straps, so together Jess and Lara found the beautiful trim to delicately place on sections of her dress. It did look very pretty and ‘Mum is always right,lol!

Jess’s day was magical and her pictures sum it up I hope. Mum organised the most spectacular hanging cake which OMG is amazing!

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We have had so many other amazing brides, we can’t feature them all but this gives you a taste of how our dresses can look in different settings. We appreciate all our brides sending pictures. It really makes our day! You can always see them all on our Facebook page and Instagram pages.