Bridal dresses

Bridal dresses are the thing we first think of when we get engaged!

After the dust settles, you then start to plan what kind of Bridal dresses there are and what may suit you. You get pinning on Pintrest, like every wedding blog going and become obsessed with every dress and bride you see.

The bridal dresses are a mind field BUT hopefully this article will help too. The masses are a confusion but there is one out there for everyone, so never panic. The first tip is to give your self time; at least 7-8 months before the wedding and ideally a little more. Dresses can take about 6 months to order and fit, so don’t assume it’s less, unless you are lucky enough to find the perfect dress in a sample sale off the hanger.

The next best tip is to DO YOUR RESEARCH! Not all shops stock the same and in fact they don’t always have the same style customer focus either. Larger shops will give you a broader selection to try, however that doesn’t mean the perfect dress or the service to match. Maybe a larger boutique can be a good starting point to try lots of shapes and styles if you have no idea. We are a smaller boutique and cater for a niche customer wanting something a little different but if you are our typical customer, then we have loads on offer.

What styles do Lara B offer?

We have all shapes but not loads in all shapes. When we buy our samples, we take care in picking dresses that are unique in themselves. We don’t buy 10 of the same style, just to make sure we have the right one for everyone. We buy the perfect dress in every style, so not to confuse and to allow us to best advice you too. We know ALL our stock inside out, so we really can advice and help you. Brides often visit us and say “Its nice to see each dress for it’s unique design and quality, and not see a sea of crammed in dresses”. We like our store to have a luxury feel and that is certainly ‘less is more’. Mind you that’s hard when we need to fit in lots of beautiful dress from our great designers,lol.

Rembo-styling-Emerald-City  First-back-rembo-styling augusta-jones-anna

Our Lara B Couture separate collection is now our biggest selling range. It offers a unique and personal dress, as it is chosen by you and made here in the UK. You really can have the top of one and the bottom of another with this range. Exclusive to Lara B, and it is a bespoke style. Dress shapes available are most. Full, A-line, fishtail and fit and flare.

Lara-B-Couture-petal Cleo and tulle lara-b-couture-sienna Lara-b-couture-isla

How many dresses do you stock?

It depends on the time of year but we like to keep at 40-50 dresses, although the separates collection can equate to over 200! Then we have the sample sale rail of another 10-15, although this is currently less, as we recently had our sale day. I guess you could argue we have over 200 styles!

What are your price ranges?

Our Rembo Styling collection starts at £1,250 but the Jesus Peiro and Lara B Couture can go just over £2,000. On an average we sit at £1,500 – £2,000. The sample sale rail prices are below £1,000.

Your experience with us

We are recommended to lot’s of people and we like to pride ourselves on this. Brides keep our reputation strong, as we give 110% for all. Everyone is equal to us and everyone is unique too. We are experts at what we do and have 13 years of experience doing it! There are not many shops locally that can say this, as we are one of the longer standing boutiques. However, to keep that experience special and personal for every customer, we need to stay passionate and knowledgeable too, which we certainly are.

We keep ahead of the game and like to keep up with the changing world we live in. Weddings change all the time, so brides needs do to. With everything at the tap of a finger, we need to offer more. Far more! With us you get just that. The calm environment and 1:1 appointments. A boutique all for you and your guests! All these details make the dress shopping experience a memory forever. Having our own bespoke collection also offers something extra special too, after all who doesn’t want to design their own dress!

Booking an appointment

You only need to call! Our emails are checked all the time including out of hours, so always use that if you struggle to call out of hours. Saturdays we have a small £20 deposit for all bookings, so call to pay this and get your slot confirmed. We normally have days in the week available but Saturdays do get booked up sooner, so be pro-active.

We hope to see you soon.

Lara and Rosie X