Bridal ‘Artisan’

A bridal artisan is someone who is a skilled craft person, who creates things by hand that are functional and decorative.

Lara the owner of Lara B and designer of Lara B Couture, is just that – A bridal Artisan!.

In the 13th year of Lara B, the boutique has grown strength in this area. Always striving for excellence, Lara also loves to keep innovative in her skills and service’s.  ‘We live in a fast growing world of Social media and knowledge, at the tap of a button. My business has to keep up with these times and I have to keep vibrant and passionate with all things new’ says Lara.

After years of being successful in selling great designer labels, Lara started to desire the design back ground she has further. The bigger picture for Lara B was always to develop it into more. Lara always wants to be a boutique that offers more than just pretty dresses. She offers amazing dress, at affordable prices, to people who want just that little something different and special. Lara B Couture was born in 2016 and Lara is in her element!

Having her background in lingerie design, and over 20 years in the fashion industry, was the start of her desire for decorative embroideries and immaculate fits. Lara B Couture needed to be more that a nice range of dresses. After all that’s what all the competition does! It needed to be more and Lara has an innovative mind, so the separates option was just perfect. Lara said ‘It just came to me one day. Brides always asking for the top of one and the bottom of another. My mind went into over drive, with idea’s of how to market it with clever internet icons, but as usual my husband bought me back down to earth and said one step at a time Lara!’.

Dotty By Lara

The concept is perfect as brides can mix and match my separate options to create their own special dress. It is then made into ONE dress and here in the UK too. Lot’s of customers say she is clever but Lara just see’s it as being creative and innovative and giving brides what they desire.

IMG_20171101_202741_698_resized IMG_20171114_153245_403

Being an artisan is something she has always taken for granted. Obviously making every thing look easy, she is a real expert in her trade and with a real passion for brides and her dresses. Every bride is Lara B’s advert, so the pride of each bride and dress, is the most important thing. Our service is special, personal and hopefully very honest. Every bride compliments us on this as well as such lovely dresses of course! Businesses today only survive with passion but also innovation, or they go stale and eventually die. We hope Lara can keep her brand strong and always moving forward with the changing time.

20180111_113826_resized  Sewing lace

If you want to get the Lara B experience and possibly fall in love with a Lara B Couture dress, then book now and come and be creative and bespoke with Lara and her team.

Sue - seamstress Sue our talented seamstress. Our hidden gem!