Bespoke wedding dresses

Here at Lara B we offer our own Bespoke wedding dresses with our own exclusive collection – Lara B Couture.

Lara Kinnett, The owner of Lara B, has always strives for excellence over the 12 years of trading. The Lara B Couture offers Bespoke wedding dresses that are – Unique and personal.

Lara B is East Anglia’s little bridal boutique secret, set in the heart of Newmarket’s Racing town. Serving brides locally and afar, they continue to strive for the personal excellence brides recommend. Lara Says “stocking the right ranges is key to having a great business but keeping ahead of what brides are wanting and their personal needs is the hardest, as trends are forever changing and so are weddings”. Lara B has always offered some of the best ranges in store. Not 100’s of dresses but a clear, focused range of quality, designer dresses with bespoke wedding dresses, are options to keep the experience personal and special. Lara B’s boutique is full of amazing dresses in a beautiful building but also their staff knowledge and honesty. Ask any Lara B customer!

Expansion !

After 12 years of working with brides, Lara was aware that weddings were changing and brides wanted more and quicker. Social media sites have changed the way brides do their research. Pintrest and instragram are now the fastest growing visual sites that brides turn too. That comes with trends, newness but the downside is the speed to market for these gowns. That’s the gap in the market that Lara B has turned to. “Being on the shop floor gives me the best research in knowing what brides want and what idea’s they are dreaming of” says Lara. Her Lara B Couture range, designed by herself, has been in store for two years now and is now their fastest growing range.

Why is the Lara B Couture’s range different?

The range is built of mainly separates that brides can try on and mix n’ match to create there own personal dress, made here in the UK, as one dress. “More and more of our brides are turning to Pinterest for inspiration and with that comes the need to be quicker to react with the trends coming through. We live in a ‘Want it now’ world, so a wait of nearly 10 months for these trends to be filtered down to the mass market, is too long for our brides” Says Lara. As the collection is designed in-house and manufactured locally, we take out the middle man to keep prices down but also the speed to market is far quicker!

Why the expansion in tough climates?

The expansion comes with a growing amount of excitement for the collection. “The current economic climate isn’t it’s best but I think it is because of that, that I have had a serious talk with myself to decide where now. Excellent, long term businesses stay in touch with the real world and we have always wanted to be ahead of the game and this range does just that. Expansion can be scary but we have proven this collection over the past two years and brides can’t get enough of it, so we are confident it’s the right move.” Says Lara

What is the price point of the Lara B Couture collection?

The price depends of the combination of separates but it falls mainly between £1,500 – £2,500. With each separate being individually priced, it is easier to create a dress within a certain budget too. Commissions may cost more and up to £3,500.  

What styles are in the range?

The range is currently a classic look with a twist of fashion trends. Lara loves using unusual fabrics, unique to her range, so you really are getting something couture and exclusive. Going forward Lara plans to work on some more inspirational looks for a more individual bride and some plain classics too. But all with a strong link to trends and fashion, keeping it fresh, modern and unique.

This year Lara is also offering any commissioned dresses. Lot’s of brides have their own ideas that just don’t fit into most ranges, so we love working on individual one off’s!

Sky-bodice-lara-b-couture lara-b-couture-pretty-pink Iris bodice

Will you still stock your current ranges in store?

Absolutely! Without the growing support and relationships of our already strong designers, Lara B wouldn’t be where it is today. We have made the decision to discontinue a few ranges over the year but have kept Rembo Styling, Mikaella and Jesus Peiro, as firm favourites.

Real Lara B Couture bride

We all love to see a ‘real bride’, so here are some of ours wearing their individual Lara B Couture dresses. No one yet has still ordered the same combination! The power of being unique and individual I guess.

IMG_3279 Jess jen wedding thp_0237c Emma Henshaw  Rhian