5 top tips for buying the perfect dress

After 10 years of experience in helping brides choose their dress, I think you could say we are experts at offering advice! Here are a few tips to make your search enjoyable and stress free.

1.Be open minded! You all turn to magazines, web, pintrest e.t.c to get idea’s and fall in love with dresses. That’s human nature! However, the pictures are not you and certainly not your wedding day. Every bride and wedding is different, and you need to find a dress to suit YOUR day and not the magazine’s interpretation of your day. Stay true to who you are and your day, and the search will be far easier.

2.Do your boutique research first! Look at boutique websites to see what they stock, designers, location and prices. Don’t waste your time going to every shop within a 50 mile radius, as it will confuse you and you will loose focus. Possibly even commit to the wrong dress!  2-3 shops are plenty, if you research first. Call boutiques and talk to the staff too, as they can help with enquiries. Better still, pay a visit first – Just not Saturday’s as you will probably get turned away!

3.Limit guests! We all want to share the process with family and friends. We think you should too. However, you can have too many opinions too which only confuse and can really get you stressed. Bring guests who are honest but not opinionated. 1-3 is perfect, and always bring the person you wouldn’t make a decision without. You never know when you will find the one!

4.Have a realistic budget! Budgets can be set and broken. However, be realistic and know what your ceiling price will be for the dress. Can you add to the kitty if someone else if buying the dress? We see so many brides who choose second best, due to not being honest about what they will spend. We will all fall in love with what we can’t afford, so be sensible. On the other hand, don’t choose second best for the sake of a few hundred pounds, as that is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Our prices are from £1,200 – £2,200. Most of our collections are from £1,500 -£2,000. Our sale rail has bargains for under £1,000!

5. Enjoy! Sounds obvious but believe us, it doesn’t always feel enjoyable for some brides. If you follow the advice above, it should be enjoyable. The best advice for this is also to choose boutiques that have been recommended. You can’t beat knowing what you are going to, as it is an intimate service. Most of our business comes from recommendation and we pride ourselves on our honest service. Ask any of our customers or read any of our reviews!

We are a small, independent, boutique who has control of every area of the business. We are here for you at all times and have full responsibility from start to finish. You will always get friendly, honest service from normal, passionate advisor’s. You also get a 1:1 appointment, as we have one bride in at a time.

We look forward to seeing you in store.