What’s new at Lara B boutique for 2017?

Firstly a very Happy New Year from Lara B boutique.

As we enter a new year, we always reflect on the past one and see what we can do to improve our services and products. Judging by all our brides reviews, comments and recommendations, we are proud and confident that Lara B boutique is second to none. Tick!

Can we improve our products – Always!. You may think this is a strange thing to say, as we advertise the best designers. Well we do have the best designers, but trends change and not all designers get continuity and at times our customer changes too, so we have to keep listening to our visitors, keep up with the latest trends and of course the current economic changes.

Coming into 2017 is uncertain for some. Last year we saw many economic changes that not everyone gets confidence from. However, lot’s of you are carrying on with life and entering a year of marriage and celebration with friends and families. Strangely, statistics show that 2017 is more booked up with local wedding venues, than over the last few years, so we are so looking forward to working with lots of new brides-to-be.

What are we changing – Well not a massive amount, as we have always been focused on what our brides want and who our customer is. Our bride is a bride wanting a personal service, value for money, quality but mostly something more unique for her dress and the ability to have a more bespoke element. This is the third year of ‘Lara B Couture’, our own in-house collection. This range is becoming so popular with bride’s who want that extra something special. The collection is made up of separate option’s, that you the bride try on and mix and match to create YOUR perfect dress. Everyone has different needs and personalities, so you can be that unique bride and experiment with exciting design changes and details to make it even more bespoke. This year we are striving for this to be a larger part of what Lara B do best – INDIVIDUALITY that stands us out from the rest. The prices for this collection are from £1,400 – £1,800, so affordable to more but also made here in the UK. We saw this real gap in the market for bride’s wanting something unique and bespoke and as we call you ‘Pinterest happy’.

We are adding a new collection – The other key thing we have changed, is to add another collection into store. We chose ‘Mikaella’ by Paloma Blanca, as we worked with the company a few years, so know their customer service was amazing. Mikaella Bridal’s Spring 2017 Collection personifies femininity with a trace of playfulness, exemplified through form-fitting silhouettes and delicate embellishments. We saw a gap in store for this look, so jumped at the chance to take it on when asked. The prices for this range are from £1,400 – £1,600, so a great collection to offer you all.

Other than this, we still strive for excellence and have been lucky to have such lovely brides and guests to help us fulfil this. Lara’s moto has always been to offer brides the best experience with unique, affordable gowns. That’s never changed! Sometimes it’s tempting to change your collections to reflect what is happening in the world around us, but then we have to remember what has given us the 12 years longevity to be here today – It’s what we do and what we do best, so why change something that isn’t broke!

We look forward to meeting lot’s of new brides this year, making memories and fulfilling dreams.
See you soon X

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