Marriages are in decline

Bassmead manor

Apparently in the UK marriages are in decline have been blamed on high wedding costs.

Why? Well lots are blaming it on an increase on the costs required. Marriages are in decline, and have been since 2015 according to Office of National Statistics (ONS).  Experts have said couple have chosen to buy a house or start a family instead of footing a wedding bill of the average £27,161!

Marriages are in decline, and this will be up and down forever. However, wedding budgets needed to be planned and prioritised to help keep costs down. It won’t be cheap! However, it can be more affordable if you stay savvy. With everything at the touch of a finger, there are no excuses to keep the budget in control.

Here are our tips:

Venue: This the main cost, so choose wisely. Basically after you have spend good money on the venue, food and drink, you will know what is left your the details!

25152301_1126624290808095_1561034358458400354_n 20376074_1531773326883369_78953376583518647_n

Dress: Of course this is a top priority to most brides-to-be. The day to feel like a princess and wear the one dress you will remember forever! Will a £5,000 dress feel better and look better than a £500 – Well probably! So don’t try on dresses that are not in your realistic budget!!!! We see brides all the time saying ‘there isn’t a budget. If the dress is right, I will pay for it’. BUT there is always a ceiling cost a person will pay and we in boutiques can not mind read what that is. We try to suit lots of brides needs, styles, body shapes and budgets. Don’t let us sell you the most expensive dress in the shop, if you can’t afford it. It helps no one and just confuses you and makes you realise you have second best! Lot’s go over budget buy a few hundred pounds but not many over £1,000 more!

Hockwold Hall Shoot-108

Do research before coming to bridal shops. Look on line at styles and average price brackets shops advertise. This will help you steer the right direction. Most shops have sale rails too, so if you have a smaller budget, always look there. BUT tell the assistant serving you first, so not to cause embarrassment for all. We are only here to help you, guide you and give you the best experience we possible can; whatever your budget. Our dresses are priced from £1,300 – £2,500 with most falling in the middle of that bracket.

Experiences:  Usually come with a price tag. We are here for you and your guests. Just you in the boutique getting 1:1 service with all our expertise, knowledge and fitting expertise too. All our dresses are made to order or have bespoke design elements, so you are getting some thing very special. We stock superior quality to match the service we offer. Having our own bridal separates range, exclusive to us, give brides some thing extra personal and special too. Memories are forever, so don’t sacrifice that element if you can.

Photography: Personally I always say never sacrifice the cost of a great photographer. They are there to capture every moment of the day. Everyone can take OK photographs with the great phones we can buy now. However, most don’t have an amazing eye or skill to capture moments with the best expertise and eye. That’s called ‘Talent’ and that isn’t something you can just learn. Choose wisely but mostly chose someone you feel at ease with. They are in your face all day after all, lol. A really good photographer will cost about £1,500 – £2,000 for a full package.


Bridesmaids: These could end up costing the same as your dress if you are not careful. Online stores like ASOS are amazing at these dresses. Fashionable and cheap for what you get. You can easily save £100 per dress like this. Remember you still may need alterations but maybe ask the bridesmaids to pay for this? After all they are getting a free outfit for the day.

Flowers: I think this area is an area lot’s cut back on by DIY. This is great if you can but you’ll probably still need a bouquet or more. Bouquet’s are quite technical to create and of course design to compliment your dress and style. Good florists are again Artists! Having arches of flowers and wall displays for a photo opportunity is amazing and flamboyant, but it will creep your costs up. Most good florists have equipment that can be hired – Vases, candelabra’s etc but some times it isn’t much more expensive to get them to do it all. Flowers have to be done 1-2 days before the wedding. Do you and your Mum, Aunts, Sister, Groom and best Men, really all want to be doing these displays in this time? NO! Let the experts create the spectacular BUT again choose wisely. The more flowers you use the more expensive it will be.

WW21 Helena&matt 493A1870lr

Guest list: Talking point to most couples planning a wedding. It’s where most arguments are had too. Again choose people you really want to share the day with you. Each guest could cost you £100/head, so why invite people you haven’t seen for the last year! This is an area you need to be really ruthless on, to keep costs down. If you want 100 guests, then look at venues that offer a cheaper package, village halls, pubs etc. Your day is special what ever, so don’t be fooled into what people think or say. It’s not a competition of who’s had the best day and where it is. It is far better to keep things more relaxed and small but give guests finer details they will take away and remember forever.

Pick off season too to get better and cheaper packages from venues. Obviously the late Spring and Summer weekends are the most popular and so most expensive. Think about a mid week slot or winter. You can save thousands by doing this!

Wedding Cake: You either splash out with something show stopping and personal in design OR go to Waitrose and get a tiered cake and add a few flowers to it. The difference of £60 or £500 plus!

Hockwold Hall Shoot-34 - Copy Cake by Yellow Butterfly – Ely.

DIY extra’s: These make your day yours! We love hearing all about these extra details. It gives us a great insight to who a bride really is. Chose carefully as these can add up considerable.


With the average spend £27.161 for an average wedding, then with savvy buying and priorities we can see you could easily get this down to more like £15,000. It will take time, planning and a few sacrifices along the way though!


Good Luck and keep getting married. It’s the best day of your Life!!!!!!

Bridal dresses


Bridal dresses are the thing we first think of when we get engaged!

After the dust settles, you then start to plan what kind of Bridal dresses there are and what may suit you. You get pinning on Pintrest, like every wedding blog going and become obsessed with every dress and bride you see.

The bridal dresses are a mind field BUT hopefully this article will help too. The masses are a confusion but there is one out there for everyone, so never panic. The first tip is to give your self time; at least 7-8 months before the wedding and ideally a little more. Dresses can take about 6 months to order and fit, so don’t assume it’s less, unless you are lucky enough to find the perfect dress in a sample sale off the hanger.

The next best tip is to DO YOUR RESEARCH! Not all shops stock the same and in fact they don’t always have the same style customer focus either. Larger shops will give you a broader selection to try, however that doesn’t mean the perfect dress or the service to match. Maybe a larger boutique can be a good starting point to try lots of shapes and styles if you have no idea. We are a smaller boutique and cater for a niche customer wanting something a little different but if you are our typical customer, then we have loads on offer.

What styles do Lara B offer?

We have all shapes but not loads in all shapes. When we buy our samples, we take care in picking dresses that are unique in themselves. We don’t buy 10 of the same style, just to make sure we have the right one for everyone. We buy the perfect dress in every style, so not to confuse and to allow us to best advice you too. We know ALL our stock inside out, so we really can advice and help you. Brides often visit us and say “Its nice to see each dress for it’s unique design and quality, and not see a sea of crammed in dresses”. We like our store to have a luxury feel and that is certainly ‘less is more’. Mind you that’s hard when we need to fit in lots of beautiful dress from our great designers,lol.

Rembo-styling-Emerald-City  First-back-rembo-styling augusta-jones-anna

Our Lara B Couture separate collection is now our biggest selling range. It offers a unique and personal dress, as it is chosen by you and made here in the UK. You really can have the top of one and the bottom of another with this range. Exclusive to Lara B, and it is a bespoke style. Dress shapes available are most. Full, A-line, fishtail and fit and flare.

Lara-B-Couture-petal Cleo and tulle lara-b-couture-sienna Lara-b-couture-isla

How many dresses do you stock?

It depends on the time of year but we like to keep at 40-50 dresses, although the separates collection can equate to over 200! Then we have the sample sale rail of another 10-15, although this is currently less, as we recently had our sale day. I guess you could argue we have over 200 styles!

What are your price ranges?

Our Rembo Styling collection starts at £1,250 but the Jesus Peiro and Lara B Couture can go just over £2,000. On an average we sit at £1,500 – £2,000. The sample sale rail prices are below £1,000.

Your experience with us

We are recommended to lot’s of people and we like to pride ourselves on this. Brides keep our reputation strong, as we give 110% for all. Everyone is equal to us and everyone is unique too. We are experts at what we do and have 13 years of experience doing it! There are not many shops locally that can say this, as we are one of the longer standing boutiques. However, to keep that experience special and personal for every customer, we need to stay passionate and knowledgeable too, which we certainly are.

We keep ahead of the game and like to keep up with the changing world we live in. Weddings change all the time, so brides needs do to. With everything at the tap of a finger, we need to offer more. Far more! With us you get just that. The calm environment and 1:1 appointments. A boutique all for you and your guests! All these details make the dress shopping experience a memory forever. Having our own bespoke collection also offers something extra special too, after all who doesn’t want to design their own dress!

Booking an appointment

You only need to call! Our emails are checked all the time including out of hours, so always use that if you struggle to call out of hours. Saturdays we have a small £20 deposit for all bookings, so call to pay this and get your slot confirmed. We normally have days in the week available but Saturdays do get booked up sooner, so be pro-active.

We hope to see you soon.

Lara and Rosie X




Bridal designer

Having a bridal designer as our proprietor, is something very unique and of course very special for all our customers.

Lara the owner of Lara B is a trained bridal designer, and has been working in the fashion industry for over 20 years now. Her passion for weddings and dresses, is very apparent when you visit. Her expertise and knowledge is out of this world, and brides get great confidence from that.

Lara is often working on new designs for her Lara B Couture label. Such a unique concept of separate option for brides to pick and choose from and get their dress made in their design choice. This range is fast taking over the others, due to flexibility, although the designers we carry are still very much part of our service and branding.

Lara-sewing Lara-modelling-on-the-stand

Knowing you are in the right bridal shop, is a nice feeling. Having a bridal designer on site is a bonus for all.  Brides always compliment our service and expert advice, and we are recommended by all our brides for the experience we give all our customers. Every bride is our advert, so we take great pride in making sure a customer receives the best service from start to finish. After care during fittings, is so extremely important to us and this is when brides feel the most stressed, with the looming wedding. We like to think we help take this away, and deliver a calm environment and tea, coffee and chats to help where we can.

Being the best at service is one thing, but offering services is also important. Obviously we sell beautiful bridal gowns and accessories, but we have other unique services on offer too.

Made to measure Lara B Couture

This range doesn’t come with this service. However, this year we have introduced a special personal service. For £300, we are offering brides who have ordered from this collection, the chance to spend a day with Lara at the boutique, pattern cutting and toiling their actual dress. Have your bodice made to measure, and hopefully cut out some of the alteration costs later on. Be part of the making of your dress and enjoy it with a guest and have a light lunch on us.

Christening gowns from your wedding dress

This is new for 2018 too. A service we often talk about with brides but have never actually done. Cutting up your dress to make a Christening gown for your children. How amazing would it be to keep the gown in the family but to get a new use. We can use all or little of your dress for this. The service cost varies due to complexity of the design etc. POA.

Bridal ‘Artisan’


A bridal artisan is someone who is a skilled craft person, who creates things by hand that are functional and decorative.

Lara the owner of Lara B and designer of Lara B Couture, is just that – A bridal Artisan!.

In the 13th year of Lara B, the boutique has grown strength in this area. Always striving for excellence, Lara also loves to keep innovative in her skills and service’s.  ‘We live in a fast growing world of Social media and knowledge, at the tap of a button. My business has to keep up with these times and I have to keep vibrant and passionate with all things new’ says Lara.

After years of being successful in selling great designer labels, Lara started to desire the design back ground she has further. The bigger picture for Lara B was always to develop it into more. Lara always wants to be a boutique that offers more than just pretty dresses. She offers amazing dress, at affordable prices, to people who want just that little something different and special. Lara B Couture was born in 2016 and Lara is in her element!

Having her background in lingerie design, and over 20 years in the fashion industry, was the start of her desire for decorative embroideries and immaculate fits. Lara B Couture needed to be more that a nice range of dresses. After all that’s what all the competition does! It needed to be more and Lara has an innovative mind, so the separates option was just perfect. Lara said ‘It just came to me one day. Brides always asking for the top of one and the bottom of another. My mind went into over drive, with idea’s of how to market it with clever internet icons, but as usual my husband bought me back down to earth and said one step at a time Lara!’.

Dotty By Lara

The concept is perfect as brides can mix and match my separate options to create their own special dress. It is then made into ONE dress and here in the UK too. Lot’s of customers say she is clever but Lara just see’s it as being creative and innovative and giving brides what they desire.

IMG_20171101_202741_698_resized IMG_20171114_153245_403

Being an artisan is something she has always taken for granted. Obviously making every thing look easy, she is a real expert in her trade and with a real passion for brides and her dresses. Every bride is Lara B’s advert, so the pride of each bride and dress, is the most important thing. Our service is special, personal and hopefully very honest. Every bride compliments us on this as well as such lovely dresses of course! Businesses today only survive with passion but also innovation, or they go stale and eventually die. We hope Lara can keep her brand strong and always moving forward with the changing time.

20180111_113826_resized  Sewing lace

If you want to get the Lara B experience and possibly fall in love with a Lara B Couture dress, then book now and come and be creative and bespoke with Lara and her team.

Sue - seamstress Sue our talented seamstress. Our hidden gem!

Wedding Fairs

Wedding Fairs – Are they worth it?

Wedding fairs are always such a popular destination for newly engaged couples. Obviously you are excited and want to see what’s out there and what things cost.

But Wedding Fairs are worth it if you pick the right ones.  I think if you just want idea’s at an early stage then a larger fair is great. However, they can be confusing and pointless too. We’d recommend smaller fairs at the choice of your venue or similar. These styles of fairs are more intimate and more focused even. We find the larger shows too intimidating and too mixed and too general for our customers. Our customer tends to want something different and more unique, so the larger fairs don’t cater for this so much. After all they cater for the mass markets in general.

Why do we do few fairs?

It’s easy really to explain. We do a few but aim at our market and customer style. We are a smaller boutique and we have a small audience of brides who are less traditional at times and actually very aware and in touch with the Social Media platforms we work on. This is where they get the best inspiration. Then they ask friends for recommendations or google. That’s the ‘sign of the times’ for us. Our brides know their style and generally pick us for that reason, as our dresses are slightly more different. also a lot of our customers live in London, so they can’t always come home to attend most fairs.

Also it is extremely hard to showcase your brands and service when you have a bland table, in a setting that is cobbled together for a day. Sometimes you take the right dress for one and not another, so we always feel we can actually do more damage to our brand doing some fairs. It’s like having a job interview for 2 mins and trying to sell yourself before you’ve even had a chance to speak, let along shout over the surrounding noise!

Which fairs are we doing?

This year we have booked two great fairs. Smaller shows in venues that suit our style of dresses and have a lovely vibe and hopefully the right customers too.

Hockwold Hall – Sunday 28th January – 11am -3pm

A beautiful venue and setting. We have been to this venue on several occasions and the fair has a great up beat feeling to it. Set in Norfolk, the setting has a relaxed garden feel and the venue having character is just stunning. The classical setting is great for a traditional garden wedding or even more relaxed in their wooded area’s in the grounds. Something to suit lot’s of style weddings.

The Rustic Wedding Show – Sunday 22nd April – 11am -2pm

Set at Manor Barn, Cambridge, the title says it all. Tipi’s, barns, industrial and all things on trend and modern. Perfect for couples wanting to source wedding businesses in this style wedding. This is typical of our customer, who generally want a more relaxed wedding, full of personal inspirations, DIY details and trends and yet classical too.

Manor Barn 22 April 11am - 2pm

So our advice is pick wisely. Only do one. Have a nice day out with friends or just your nearest and dearest to check things out.

Hope to see you at soon!

Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues is usually the first thing to book when arranging a wedding.

That’s after setting a date with the Registrar or Church. But the venue is the look and feel of your wedding day you dream of.

The wedding venues in our area, are outstanding. We are lucky to have a great variety to choose from and we hope to help your search with what we consider the best.

Tip: Choose what you both desire to create the feel of the day you want. Relaxed, formal or luxury.

Grannary Barns, Woodditton, Nr Newmarket

Lot’s of our brides get married here. It offers space with a little formality but also the barn creates a cosy relaxed feel too. Our brides love that it has lots of great spaces for pictures too.

The team at Grannary are amazing and down to Earth too. A team you can trust but get excited for their creative ways too.


Swynford manor, Six Mile Bottom.

This is a great venue for a look of class and glamour. the modern interior is cosy and intimate but lends to a formal style too. With extensive renovations, the venue has a real touch of class and style suited to a sleek wedding day. A venue that is becoming more popular and certainly gaining a great reputation too.

The use of accommodation in the manor is also great for guests and of course the Bride and Groom to stay.


Hockwold Hall, Norfolk

Hockwold is a quite new venue but fast becoming known and booked up. The 18th century building is full of character with beautiful gardens to match. The small, personal team are there to give you the bespoke style day you want. If you want the grand estate style day then contact this venue for your booking.


Bassmead Manor Barns, St Neots

Bassmead is a stunning barn, set in beautiful gardens. Perfect for a romantic, rustic style day with beamed interiors. We see lots of our brides get married here, as they like the relaxed feel it gives but with character and warmed too.

Bassmead manor

Butley Priory, Woodbridge

This is truly a special venue and a hidden treasure. The house is full of Monastery, stone arch features and large windows letting in streams of light. Set in stunning gardens, you’ll have a day full of special backdrops here.


High Field Marquee’s, Burwell

If you wish your wedding day to be in a parents or relatives garden, then marquee hire is what you need. High Field are a well established family business who cater for all your needs. beautiful styled marquees, with a choice of interiors and decorations.


There are plenty more locally but we suggest the above as highly recommended by our brides.

Have fun choosing yours!


Congratulations on all new engagements, over the festive period

Congratulations on all new engagements, over the festive period

Your engaged! Now to start the planning.

Christmas and the New Year are busy times for people popping the big question, to become engaged. It’s such an exciting time with everyone to tell and celebrate the good news with.

Then when the dust settles, the reality sets in and the planning starts. The first thing, is to set a date and that means booking a venue and Church or registrar.

When you have the date sorted, the finer details can be sorted. Mainly THE DRESS! Dresses can take six to seven months to order, so try and organise around this knowledge.  Last minute orders can be granted with a small ‘Rush Cut’ fee, or look at our sample sale on 5th January, and grab a bargain. Budget for the dress and be realistic. Look on websites to get a feel of what you get for your money. Then be a little open, as the perfect dress may be a few hundred more but may be worth every penny. Our dresses start from £1,300 – £2,200 as an average.

When you find the dress, then the other details seem to fall into place. Bridesmaid dresses, colours, flowers, make-up and hair etc etc. Don’t forget to book your photographer at the start too, as they can only do one wedding a day! The best go quickly, so try and organise this as soon as you can.

We suggest you start looking for your dress when you feel ready to commit to one. There is no point looking too early, as it only confuses you. Dresses do come and go through the seasons. Most brides look 10-12 months in advance, which gives you time to look at a couple of shops and make the right choice without pressure of time scales.

Well Congratulations on exciting times ahead. Please look on our Social media pages too, for other up to date information.

Lastly we look forward to seeing you soon!

Happy New Year X

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

We just want to say Merry Christmas to all our customers past and new.

2017 has been a testing year for many, with so much doom and gloom in the news and changing times ahead of us for all.

Here at Lara B we have enjoyed another successful year, seeing lots of lovely new brides and their guests, who we look forward to seeing in the near future again. Then the fun and giggles we have had at fitting brides dresses.

Lara B has not only got a great reputation with in the local area but for all the right reasons too.

  • Fantastic service
  • Some of the best designer dresses
  • Bespoke service
  • Affordable, quality dresses
  • Exclusive separates range
  • And more….

We love what we do at Lara B with passion and excitement to each bride. That’s what brides say they love about coming here. Always seeing the boss, Lara, and knowing you have confidence in the team behind the scenes. For over 12 years, Lara B has striven for excellence and still it’s what we pride ourselves on fulfilling.

We can’t wait for our long Christmas break and enjoying some Saturdays with friends and family. We are closing our doors at 1pm on Tuesday 19th December and will be back open again on Thursday 4th January 18′. During our closed times, we are always on email to answer questions and book appointments, so please email for this.

So that leaves us to say Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year X


Lara, Rosie and Sue X


Brides from this year

Brides from this year in pictures!

We love sharing pictures of our brides, their days and stories. We have had some amazing brides in this year, with such lovely families and guests sharing their experience.

Every bride is unique to us and everyone wants different and has a different vision for their day. We’ve had classic and elegant to fun and diverse. We love working with all our brides-to-be, and finding out all the details and features they want for their big day. We are sometimes challenged with something adventurous or very unique, but we are always so happy when we find a bride her perfect dress and to be part of their special moment. Especially when we have added bespoke details to perfect it with no compromises.

Sharing brides (and Grooms) special day is always a pleasure. Not only does it showcase their days and give you inspiration, it always showcases our brand and how amazing our dresses really are. We have ranges to suit so many styles of wedding and hopefully this shows that even though we are a small boutique, we are big on design and uniqueness.

Rachel’s wedding at Chippenham Park, July 17′

Rachel came to us thinking she wanted Fishtail, lace and didn’t like bows. She visited our store after visiting a stream of shops but kept getting confused. After a brief chat, we soon realised that Rachel wanted something different to most, but also classic for her elegant country wedding day. Rachel just wanted to look herself but have the real ‘Look at me, wow factor’ too.

I had one dress in mind when we started and it was everything she said she didn’t want,lol! BUT we just knew it had Rachel’s name all over it. It was plain, Full and had a big bow at the back!!! Rachel fell in love with the Jesus Peiro range, for it’s classy cut, simple modern lines and the wow factor they gave, as they are quite different. There was just two small things missing………BLING and a LONGER TRAIN! So with the added bespoke touch’s, she said YES TO THE DRESS.

At fittings we worked with Rachel to perfect the final touches and details, like jewellery, veils, make-up and hair. Rachel wanted everything to be so perfect and with her look already being glamorous, she was hard to please (she won’t mind us saying that) Not a Bridezila but a bride who was easily confused and who put a lot of pressure on herself to get it all right. We had several occasions when we had to be brutally honest and disagree with her choices. Her hair, make-up and jewellery mainly and I know Rachel was so very grateful we were. We are here to help and we know how stressful the build up is, so we are only too pleased to offer any advice we can. The end result was 100% Rachel and all her efforts pulled it all off.

Her are a few pictures of Rachel’s very perfect day, although she did have to put up with about 28 degree heat,lol!

FB_IMG_1512398400516 FB_IMG_1512398419503  FB_IMG_1512398889145 FB_IMG_1512398901431


Samantha’s wedding in France, July 17′

Sam came with her Mum from the Norfolk area, to look for her dress with idea’s of what she wanted. Simple elegance and not too heavy to wear, being in France. Her day was to be relaxed and in a French chateau, with their closest friends and family. A week of celebrations building up to the big day meant it was an emotional time.

Sam wanted a classic look and on her small frame she needed something soft and delicate too. We soon found her style in the Lara B couture range. Our in-house collection is great for brides wanting to perfect the dress and design it themselves. Using the separate options she found the perfect look and feel. Then we added a Chantilly lace shrug by Augusta Jones to finish the look, with an added wide satin ribbon sash. So pretty, classic and elegant for Sam.

Sam’s experience was quite straight forward, and we knew each visit was a shared experience her and her Mum cherished. We loved having them in the store and had some giggles along the way. A last minute alteration to the shrinking Sam, sent her on her way to France, with a last minute panic from Lara, thinking her sash wasn’t in her bag! She was right it wasn’t, so good old Royal Mail got it to her the next day, before she left,phew!

Am amazing setting for Sam and her groom below.

sam 1 Sam sam2 sam3


Sam’s Boho wedding in Long Melford, June 17′

Sam is our first return business and she won’t mind us saying that,lol. When Sam came back for her second marriage dress, she didn’t want anything like her first one. She still wanted a classic style, as it suited her and the ceremony was in a church too, so she felt it was more suited.

She settled on a dress which was 2 sizes too small in our sale with a promise of loosing weight, as she had recently had a baby. Then about 5 months before the wedding she calls in a panic, saying she hasn’t lost enough weight and that she may have fallen out of love with her dress choice. Sam came back and ended up loving a Rembo Styling dress. She felt amazing, relaxed and most importantly to her, a beautiful Sam being a bride. Some dresses can look amazing but they can over power or take over who you are as a person. After a big gulp, she decided to start again and buy a new dress, in her size,lol!

The dress called ‘Feminine, was changed to add 3/4 length sleeves, which gave Sam comfort and she really did look beautiful. The ethereal look was perfect for the farm setting, her adorable little boys, and her happy ever after ending she so deserves! We absolutely loved having Sam in store, her bonkers and lovable personality and we couldn’t be happier for her finding the perfect man.

A few pictures that sum her and her day up!

image3 (3)image6 - Copy - Copyimage5

Jessica’s Boho chic day at Bassmead Manor Barns in September 17′

Jess came to us with her Mum and Sister looking for her relaxed dress with her unique twist. Living in Leeds was a long trip to visit but Jess said it was always a joy to come and worth the long drives.

Jess fell instantly in love with our Lara B Couture range.  Mixing the separates up and getting the perfect combination was actually quite easy for her. We used the Champagne under tone to add a real depth and twist, to fit beautifully into the rustic elegance she was aiming for. Adding a lace bodice with spaghetti straps was the perfect option. Mum wanted something pretty on the straps, so together Jess and Lara found the beautiful trim to delicately place on sections of her dress. It did look very pretty and ‘Mum is always right,lol!

Jess’s day was magical and her pictures sum it up I hope. Mum organised the most spectacular hanging cake which OMG is amazing!

JJ part 2 325 JJ part 2 333 JJ part 1 293 JJ part 1 375 JJ part 2 017 JJ part 2 061


We have had so many other amazing brides, we can’t feature them all but this gives you a taste of how our dresses can look in different settings. We appreciate all our brides sending pictures. It really makes our day! You can always see them all on our Facebook page and Instagram pages.





Styled shoot || Down the Rabbit hole


Styled Shoot || Down the Rabbit Hole | British wedding blog - Bride and Tonic

This styled shoot was styled by a great team of creative business. We mainly used local business but also some web based amazing people.

We adore the use of colour, fun and bohemia in today’s Victoriana styled shoot, coming to you all the way from Hockwold Hall in Norfolk, shot by photographer Peter Denness. This shoot shows how much life you can inject into your wedding and with so many different styles! We love the fresh colours in the bouquet by florist Tolly and the stunning pink dress by Lara B which makes us want to get our Moulin Rouge on and start a can-can! Dress designer and boutique bridal shop owner Lara B tells us more about the inspiration behind the shoot…

Venue  /  Hockwold Hall  |  Dress  /  Lara B  |  Florist  |  Tolly’s Flowers  

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Wedding planning

Wedding planning by a professional team, can take so much stress away from your big day.

An events team have all the knowledge, creative abilities and time, to make the day run smoothly with all the extra details that give the day the real wow factor.

Bar House fully vector black logo

Bar House Events are recommended by us as wedding planning experts in their field but also a dynamic team of creative individuals with a passion of making an event spectacular.

Website :

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Capture House Weddings specialise in Wedding Photography and Videography. We believe a moment can’t be forced which is why we like to lie low and capture natural moments whether it be in a Video or a Photograph. 

Our wonderful team we have for Capturing weddings are truly passionate, and between them they have shot a wide range of weddings throughout the UK and internationally. Our Photographers and Videographers work with one another everyday allowing them to create a working bond to capture your day in the best way possible without stepping on each other’s toes. 

Have a particular idea in mind? We can adapt to any style of Photography and Videography from Marryokee to sourcing smoke bombs and confetti cannons to give your images that special edge and uniqueness. 

Contact us to find out more about our Wedding packages. We hope to get the opportunity to shoot your special day!


Bespoke wedding dresses

Bespoke wedding dresses

Here at Lara B we offer our own Bespoke wedding dresses with our own exclusive collection – Lara B Couture.

Lara Kinnett, The owner of Lara B, has always strives for excellence over the 12 years of trading. The Lara B Couture offers Bespoke wedding dresses that are – Unique and personal.

Lara B is East Anglia’s little bridal boutique secret, set in the heart of Newmarket’s Racing town. Serving brides locally and afar, they continue to strive for the personal excellence brides recommend. Lara Says “stocking the right ranges is key to having a great business but keeping ahead of what brides are wanting and their personal needs is the hardest, as trends are forever changing and so are weddings”. Lara B has always offered some of the best ranges in store. Not 100’s of dresses but a clear, focused range of quality, designer dresses with bespoke wedding dresses, are options to keep the experience personal and special. Lara B’s boutique is full of amazing dresses in a beautiful building but also their staff knowledge and honesty. Ask any Lara B customer!

Expansion !

After 12 years of working with brides, Lara was aware that weddings were changing and brides wanted more and quicker. Social media sites have changed the way brides do their research. Pintrest and instragram are now the fastest growing visual sites that brides turn too. That comes with trends, newness but the downside is the speed to market for these gowns. That’s the gap in the market that Lara B has turned to. “Being on the shop floor gives me the best research in knowing what brides want and what idea’s they are dreaming of” says Lara. Her Lara B Couture range, designed by herself, has been in store for two years now and is now their fastest growing range.

Why is the Lara B Couture’s range different?

The range is built of mainly separates that brides can try on and mix n’ match to create there own personal dress, made here in the UK, as one dress. “More and more of our brides are turning to Pinterest for inspiration and with that comes the need to be quicker to react with the trends coming through. We live in a ‘Want it now’ world, so a wait of nearly 10 months for these trends to be filtered down to the mass market, is too long for our brides” Says Lara. As the collection is designed in-house and manufactured locally, we take out the middle man to keep prices down but also the speed to market is far quicker!

Why the expansion in tough climates?

The expansion comes with a growing amount of excitement for the collection. “The current economic climate isn’t it’s best but I think it is because of that, that I have had a serious talk with myself to decide where now. Excellent, long term businesses stay in touch with the real world and we have always wanted to be ahead of the game and this range does just that. Expansion can be scary but we have proven this collection over the past two years and brides can’t get enough of it, so we are confident it’s the right move.” Says Lara

What is the price point of the Lara B Couture collection?

The price depends of the combination of separates but it falls mainly between £1,500 – £2,500. With each separate being individually priced, it is easier to create a dress within a certain budget too. Commissions may cost more and up to £3,500.  

What styles are in the range?

The range is currently a classic look with a twist of fashion trends. Lara loves using unusual fabrics, unique to her range, so you really are getting something couture and exclusive. Going forward Lara plans to work on some more inspirational looks for a more individual bride and some plain classics too. But all with a strong link to trends and fashion, keeping it fresh, modern and unique.

This year Lara is also offering any commissioned dresses. Lot’s of brides have their own ideas that just don’t fit into most ranges, so we love working on individual one off’s!

Sky-bodice-lara-b-couture lara-b-couture-pretty-pink Iris bodice

Will you still stock your current ranges in store?

Absolutely! Without the growing support and relationships of our already strong designers, Lara B wouldn’t be where it is today. We have made the decision to discontinue a few ranges over the year but have kept Rembo Styling, Mikaella and Jesus Peiro, as firm favourites.

Real Lara B Couture bride

We all love to see a ‘real bride’, so here are some of ours wearing their individual Lara B Couture dresses. No one yet has still ordered the same combination! The power of being unique and individual I guess.

IMG_3279 Jess jen wedding thp_0237c Emma Henshaw  Rhian

Styled wedding shoot in the woods

Good Morning Lovely People. We are hanging up our summer jackets today and dusting off our over-sized jumpers as we start to embrace the beautiful season of autumn with today’s styled bridal shoot.

Captured at Kenton Hall Estate, a lovely outdoor wedding venue with a woodland ceremony area, this wonderful bohemian styled woodland shoot was put together by Jenna of Wonderland Invites, styled by Beyond Vintage and captured by Leah Lombardi. The aim was to capture the warming colours of Autumn and to encourage couples to be inspired by a rich colour palette as Jenna explains….

I’ve been inspired recently by some of the beautifully rich colours in nature and with it coming up to autumn, I really wanted to put together a shoot which reflected the warming colours of the season, and would inspire brides to utilise a rich palette as part of their wedding vision.

Jenna chose merlot, blackberry and a deep forest green as the main colours for the shoot, with gold and earthy tones to make up the rest of the palette and we LOVE it. It works so well against the woodland backdrop and is carried beautifully throughout every different element. We especially love the bouquet by Rose & Berry, with its mix of purple flowers and wild foliage and the flower kissed cake by Blushing Cook is just gorgeous.

There is alot to love about this shoot, including a very impressive line up of wedding suppliers, so sit back, pour yourself a cup of something hot and get lost in the beauty of today’s woodland bohemian shoot…..

A Wild Boho Theme…..

Words by Jenna of Wonderland Invites.

I stumbled upon Kenton Hall Estate when searching for a venue and instantly fell in love with its house and grounds. After discussing the prospect of coordinating a shoot there, Emily McVeigh (who runs the venue) and I settled on a September date and a wild boho theme which would really showcase the wonderful outdoor areas the estate offers to brides and grooms, their families and their friends.

We utilised the estates 20ft bespoke wooden table (which is typically used for hen parties, classes and retreats) as the basis for the tablescape and multiple styling setups. We used this space to style delicate, indie rings supplied by  Amanda Li Hope and the most beautiful cake created by Sammi at Blushing Cook. Sammi also provided smaller cakes for the table setup…and some yummy treats for the team! Hand-dyed napkins by Ollies Studio complemented the rich colours of the fruit and accompanying tableware as part of the tablescape, and her silks and styling cloth were utilised as part of additional styling setups.

Rustic Boho Props….

Kenton has a gorgeous outdoor ceremony area, which is really wild and excellently suited to a bohemian shoot. Lou, from Beyond Vintage, styled this area along with the other setups to perfection, with a range of rustic, boho props including a bamboo teepee and some amazing, salvaged pickling jars. The styling was complemented by amazing florals by Rose & Berry, who created a bridal bouquet complete with macrame holder, two smaller compote arrangements and a long wreath table centrepiece. We interlaced the table wreath with a selection of fruit, mini cakes and lollipops supplied by Little Lollipop Shop.

Florals, Five Bridal Looks and An Animal Mask….

For my stationery, I decided to incorporate lots of florals in the colour palette of the shoot, and I opted for a gatefold invitation which is something slightly different than we are used to seeing on a styled shoot. I also created placecards for the tablescape and individual table plan cards which were wrapped around a tree with wired raffia string.

I’d worked with Leah, the photographer on a previous shoot, so I was more than confident her style would translate well with my vision for the shoot. Luckily, we had both worked with Jessica, the model, before, so it was easy for us to capture the shots we needed; we all felt comfortable and at ease. Jessica wore a Lara B Bridal dress, which has been up-styled using the skirts of a Rembo Styling gown. Heels were supplied by Emmy London, and a bespoke veil created by Lara B Bridal.

Jessica had five looks; a veiled, classic look, a boho floral crown look with corsage, both supplied by Lotus Floral Art, and two animal mask looks for the woodland areas. We lent two beautiful animal masks from Animalesque, which fitted so well with the boho theme of the shoot. We also removed all headpieces for a final, pared back look. Lisa Alger worked wonders on Jessica’s hair and created a beautiful style which lasted all five looks. Makeup by Rachel Keane was left quite natural, with a bold lip.


Concept, Planning & Coordination: Wonderland Invites
Stationery Suite & Table Plan: Wonderland Invites
Venue: Kenton Hall Estate
Photographer: Leah Lombardi
Flowers: Rose & Berry
Styling: Beyond Vintage
Cakes & Mini Cakes: Blushing Cook 
Dress & Veil: Lara B
Styling Cloth, Napkins & Silks: Ollies Studio
Hair: Lisa Alger
Makeup: Rachel Keane
Rings: Amanda Li Hope
Shoes: Emmy London 
Lollipops: Little Lollipop Shop
Animal Headpieces: Animalesque 
Dried Flower Crown & Corsage: Lotus Floral Art
Model: Jessica Garland


Boho weddings

Boho weddings are very popular locally. We are lucky enough to have beautiful venues locally, that lend themselves to this style of wedding.

If your wedding is relaxed, full of DIY details and mix and match idea’s, then Lara B is the perfect place to find a dress perfectly suited for your day.

We stock several ranges suitable for Boho weddings, as well as our own exclusive Lara B Couture range. The most suited ranges for a boho style wedding are mainly our Rembo Styling and our Lara B Couture’s collections. Both offer light weight styles with rustic elements but also very on trend with all Bohemian details.

Rembo Styling

Rembo styling is a range for brides who are pure and unique. The dreamy soft fabrics and fluid skirt designs are perfect for a feminine and romantic style. Their use of modern trends in small ‘hippy’ details and modern cuts to bodice shapes, makes the range more unique to most. It’s a look of plaits in the hair and flowers to compliment. A wedding full of fun and in a natural setting. The perfect range for weddings in barns, woodland area’s, family gardens or destination wedding.

The range starts from £1,250 – £1,550. The collection is designed in Belgium but made in Portugal, so deliveries of the dresses can be quite quick if needed.

Rembo-styling-2018-Emerald-City-1-C-front-1-LR  Rembo-styling-2018-Honey-Bear-2-C-front-LR  Rembo-styling-Melodia-front

Lara B Couture

Lara B Couture is our own in-house collection. The range is designed and pattern cut by Lara herself, a trained designer. This range is for a more classic bride wanting elements of Boho but in a more chic way. The range is built of separate options that are tried and mix and matched to create a brides perfect dress choice. Lara is always on hand to help you create the perfect balance and make changes where needed to perfect it further. A bespoke dress, designed by you (and Lara) and made here in the UK. This collection is great for a Church wedding but with a relaxed party afterwards, as most dresses are also very light weight and have the feel of luxury.

The range starts from £1,400 – £2,500. Most combinations fall around the £1,650 price.

Opheilia-lara--b-couture  110516-lb0050-025  Lara-B-Couture-Pixie

New Rembo Styling gowns coming soon


Rembo Styling is the boho dress collection to try.

If you love the look and feel of boho but want a dress a little more bridal than festival, then Rembo Styling is the perfect collection for you.

The collection is for a carefree bride wanting her day to be filled with her best friends and closest family and have a party. The relaxed feel of these light weight gowns is growing in popularity. However. their chic edge and added classic twists makes it perfect for most wedding styles.

The dresses have hints of soft modern laces and teamed with soft flowing fabrics like chiffons and crepes makes them feel just beautiful and soft. Their light structure adds to the relaxed feel they give but the fabric quality gives the support needed to make them feel like a wedding dress and not a gown.

How much are the dresses?

The gowns we stock vary from £1,300 – £1,550, so a great price for these dresses. The quality of the collection is beautiful as they are made in Portugal.  The laces they use are sourced mainly from Europe and have a certain twist of traditional, yet modern too.

Will these dresses suit a fuller figure?

We are hear to advice on all our dresses suitability but yes most of the Rembo styles will suit a fuller figure. Feminine and Honey Bear are great for a fuller bust and will suit a size of up to a size 20. Both of these dresses have the option to add sleeves too, so a popular choice for that extra cover up but in fine Chantilly laces. We hear so many bride wanting to cover their arms but most laces are so heavy it makes them look frumpy. This range uses such soft, delicate laces it helps flatter arms.

Can I make small changes to the design of these dresses?

As with most of our dresses, YES. Small design changes can help perfect any dress and it is something we do on 70% of our orders really. Raising a neckline, adding a sleeve, filling in an area are just of the most popular design changes we order. These changes can be as little as £60 per change.

When are the new dresses coming into store?

Right now we don’t have an actual date but we estimate they will arrive October. With a 6-7 month order time on dresses, this will be in time for most 2018 weddings. We will post on our facebook page when they arrive, so maybe ‘follow’ the page to get in quick.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 7:34 pm

That’s the model’s fitted for #styleedit at The Granary Estates this Thursday and Friday.
Now to alter and finish making, lol 😛

3 0

Monday, 12 November 2018 10:55 am

New by #larabcouture.

#bespoke #bridalshop #designer #gupuirelace #bridaldresses #brides #dressshopping #modernbride #bohostyle #classicbride #newcollectiin2019

Timeline Photos

2 0

Some of the new, stunning dresses coming soon.

Rembo-styling-Melodia Rembo-styling-Melodia-front Rembo-styling-2018-Louka-1-L-front-LR Rembo-styling-Louka Rembo-styling-2018-Louka-1-L-back-LR Rembo-styling-2018-Honey-Bear-2-C-front-LR Rembo-styling-Honey-Bear Rembo-styling-2018-Honey-Bear-1-C-close-up-front-LR Rembo-styling-2018-Emerald-City-1-C-back-LR Rembo-styling-Honey-Bear

Bespoke bridal gowns

Bespoke bridal gowns is something Lara B do REALLY well.

Bespoke bridal gowns don’t have to cost the earth either.

Lara the owner of Lara B used to be a designer, so her creative talents with her trained staff, can change most gowns to be a bespoke bridal gown. Most brides like the idea that their gown has been changed to be special to them! Lara and team have their ‘Box of tricks’ to create almost anything and mock it up while you are wearing it, so you can see exactly what you are buying. No second guesses and it’s fun too.

What is a bespoke bridal gown ?

Bespoke does simply mean, made especially for someone with changes. In other wise, NOT OFF THE PEG!

Having a bespoke dress is sometimes essential when a body shape needs it too. We offer split sizing to all our ranges but we also find that sometimes a skirt shape needs altering to create the perfect body balance. Maybe more ‘A’ line or more ‘Fishtail’.

Of course we also have our own in-house range called Lara B Couture which is all bespoke.

What is customising?

Customising is an extension of a bespoke dress. Sometimes a bride loves a dress but there is just a small something that stops her saying ‘YES’. It can be so small like a neckline change, but often it’s because that extra special something is missing. Adding embellishment or similar can make all the difference.

How much does it cost for a bespoke dress?

Making changes to our ranges can cost as little as £60 for a neckline change. One bride had a dress made of six different dresses by one of our designers. It looked truly amazing too! That cost her just an extra £300 to do too.

Can we alter and customise a dress bought else where?

Of course we can. We always need to see the dress before we can quote for the alterations but we can certainly have a look and discuss options. We have lots of accessories and that ‘Box of tricks’ to look at too.

Examples of dresses that involved some level of a bespoke element:

©Fraser Stewart paige Isabel-jesus-peiro Anna-lara-b-couture Emma Henshaw Zarah Olivia Buxton Our brides - Emily





Real weddings

Real weddings are of the essence right now.

This is a very busy time of year for us, as it’s the time for the real weddings, and hence us going a little quiet! However, we just love it for all the pictures that come in weekly of our lovely brides who have tied the knot.

We thought we would share just a few from this year to share with you some amazing images of amazing brides and their days. We are so proud of our brides who showcase our business and our talented team from finding the right dress to getting it fitted perfectly. Their real weddings are a great inspiration to others.

Enjoy some pictures from real weddings this year, and the rest will follow at the end of the year, as there are loads more!

wedding IMG_0628 image3 (3) image1 (5) image1 (3) ©Fraser Stewart

Tollys Flowers are our neighbours

bridesmaid wedding car

Tolly’s flowers are our neighbours opposite our shop.

Tolly’s flowers, amazing wedding flowers recently featured in the award-winning blog ‘Love My Dress’. We are so lucky to have neighbours near by offering something special for the wedding industry.

Tollys flowers wedding flower arrangements captured the imagination of the ‘Love My Dress’ blog, after we decorated a church and marquee for a military wedding, in the heart of the East Anglian countryside.

The design team are known for creating magnificent and enchanting floral displays, that provide the perfect backdrop to a dream wedding. The brief was to create simple, elegant white and green arrangements. Enhancing the beauty of the country-based reception venue and the 14th-century village church, where the nuptials were held.

The Church

They decorated the Grade II listed St Andrew’s Church in Helions Bumpstead, on the Suffolk/Cambridgeshire border, with dramatic pedestal and font arrangements. After exchanging rings and vows the happy couple, Sophie and Todd, exited through the church’s ancient gateway which was adorned with flowers.


The Reception

At the reception, they hung a gorgeous flower ball that defied gravity from the centre of the marquee, to create a spectacular focal point; each of the dining tables, including the head table, were fashioned with pretty runners of green foliage interspersed with large white flowers.

flower ball

The Day

At Tolly’s Flowers they pride themselves on attention to detail and even the shiny, polished open top military truck, which transported the bridesmaids to and from the church, was decked out with garlands of white flowers to create a wonderful canopy.

bridesmaid wedding car

The romantic occasion was captured in its full glory by photographer Nick Tucker, who is known for his documentary editorial style. His journalistic photos, which included pictures of ourstunning wedding flowers, appeared on Love My Dress’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest pages, and these each have a following of between 2,500 to 621,000 readers.

The Cake

The cake was decorated with green foliage, which the couple cut with the groom’s ceremonial sword, much to the delight of the guests.

Tollys flowers – Floral designers, Rous Road, Newmarket.

Real bride Helena in her Jesus Peiro dress


Real Bride Helena in her stunning, modern Jesus Peiro dress.

We know you love a ‘Real bride’ story. We love getting our brides photo’s of their amazing days and Helena’s popped into our inbox nearly a year later.

Helena came to us looking for something a little quirky but she still wanted a classic feel. Helena fell in love with her JP 6017 dress. The shape was perfect for her shape and her tall frame. Such simple elegance. We know you will love seeing her wedding as a now ‘Real bride’. Sharing her details and style is a pleasure and you will love the pictures.

Her day was to be relaxed but with formalities too. Her flowers by Cottonbuds‘, Near St Neots, are so bold yet wild. With the bridesmaid being neutral the bold colours look stunning. The bridesmaids were from Asos, but their cute, modern and more fashion style looks so striking next to Helena’s dress.

Helena’s car choice (well probably Hubbie’s!) was beautiful. What an amazing colour car too.


Eneka Stewart their photographer is amazing and clearly very creative. As you can see the pictures from their wedding pictures are stunning!
Thank you to Helena for letting us share these pictures with you. Enjoy! X
Helena&Matt-Preview-20 Helena&Matt-Wedding-147 Helena&Matt-Wedding-150 Helena&Matt-Wedding-384 Helena&Matt-Wedding-426 Helena&Matt-Wedding-482


Styled wedding shoot at Hockwold Hall

photoshoot stairs

We have had great fun at the styled Wedding shoot at Hockwold Hall this week.

Working with amazing business and talented people we created something unique with this styled wedding shoot. The images are still top secret, as exclusivity is needed until they can be published. However, we wanted to share with you some behind the scenes snaps. You would never believe what happens to get a great setting and picture,lol.

20170517_105016_resized 20170517_123547_resized 20170517_144104_resized received_10155265085189919

Hockwold Hall

Hockwold is a newer wedding venue, set in the country side of Norfolk. The picturesque gardens and Tudor house make a stunning wedding venue. The walled gardens, orchard and arboretum are breathtaking. The house has a ceremony room with a light and airy feel. The banqueting hall is typical of Tudor grandeur and the 10 luxury bedroom will blow you away. We wanted a slightly moody venue for the shoot and so this was perfect. The owner’s were extremely accommodating with their own personal touches and expertise in event planning too.

Collaborations for the shoot

We were so lucky be be part of a group of wedding business, who are creative, passionate and fun to be with on the day. Creating such a shoot takes time and dedication from everyone involved. Here are a few of the businesses involved for the day.

Peter Denness photographer – What an amazing talent Pete has. He captures the moments and see’s the details. A creative photographer who will tell your day like a picture book.

Elizabeth Hall event design – Elizabeth and her creative team put all the settings together by dressing the shoot and filled it with inspiration and unique twists. If you want to create a theme or ambience for your wedding day, then look no further!

Vintage Tea Party prop hire – This was to aid Elizabeth Hall’s team in getting the added vintage propsfor the settings. Great selection of props to create any themes.

Tolly’s Flowers – Well being our neighbour, it would be rude not have have the best designer florist in town. Tolly captured the feel of the dress to perfection and the extra’s to bring it all together.

Botias hair and make-up – Boe is always my first port of call for a shoot. Her expertise and calm nature makes her a pleasure to work with. Models just love how good she is and compliment her skills every time.

Yellow Butterfly Cakes – Cakes beyond your wildest dreams. Yvonne and team are experts at making delicious cakes but also the detail and skills they use in decorating them is insane. A clever bunch based in Ely.

Wonderland Invites – Jenna at Wonderland is a talented designer. Her flair for design and personal stationary is stunning. A business not to miss if you want extra personally designed stationary for your wedding.

Dress – Obvious it was ours! The dress was designed and made especially by Lara for the day. From her Lara B Couture collection is offers something unique, inspirational and a little rock n’roll. Top secret as yet though,lol.

Well after a few very busy weeks collating the day together, we are pleased to be back to normal in the shop again………until the next shoot!



Styled wedding photo shoot at the Granary Barns

Styled wedding photo shoot at the Granary Barns

We have the pleasure is sharing with you a preview of a styled wedding photo shoot at the Granary Barns, Wooditton. The shoot was organised by @Woodlandinvites and the results were amazing. So amazing that they will be published by Rock My Wedding in the summer. So very excited and proud of this great team.

The theme of the shoot was ‘Greenery woodland’ and the results captured by the who team show this rustic elegance to it’s full beauty. This was a collaboration of some the best local suppliers to the wedding industry. Talent at it’s best we think.

When will the shoot be fully published?

Rock my Wedding have taken the publishing rights for the shoot and have said it will go live in the summer, so watch this space. The images below are only a tint preview of whats to come, with their permission to show these.

Dress details

The dress was a Rembo Styling dress called ‘First’. It is such a pretty dress with cut away back and the midriff is barely showing but adds quirkiness. Rembo Styling is a great range for brides who want a carefree style with a Rock n’ Roll feel.


The team behind the shoot:

  • ●  Concept, Planning & Coordination | @wonderland_invites

  • ●  Stationery Suite & Table Plan | @wonderland_invites

  • ●  Venue | @granaryestates

  • ●  Photographer | @leahweddings

  • ●  Flowers | @clarejonesfloraldesign

  • ●  Styling | @elizabethhalleventdesign

  • ●  Cakes & Sweet Treats | @lucky_and_co

  • ●  Dress | @rembostyling | @larab_bridal

  • ●  Car | @thelittlevintagecarco

  • ●  Table Runner & Ribbons | @katecullenstyle

  • ●  Balloons | @3bubblegumgirls

  • ●  Parasol | @eastlondonparasolco

  • ●  Envelope Calligraphy | @thegoldletter

  • ●  Envelopes | @gfsmithpapers

  • ●  Hair & Makeup | @cambridgemakeupartist

  • ●  Wood Slice Favours | @thewillowworkshopuk

  • ●  Gold Leaf Hair Slides | @johnnylovesrosieofficial

  • ●  Necklace | @maria_allen_boutique

  • ●  Shoes & Bracelet | @asos

Enjoy the pictures!

493A1775lr493A1890lr 493A1639lr 493A1524lr 493A1506lr 493A1721lr 493A1870lr 493A1812lr

From the Team X

Sale bridal belts

Our Sale bridal belts are now up for grabs!

We are having a clear out and we can now offer you a small selection of sale bridal belts. They are all size 12 or one size if on a sash. Great to change the overlook of your dress and put your own personality into your dress.

The belts are in tried on condition. Some have the odd stone missing and the fabrics are worn in places. However they are good condition and a bargain price for some thing very beautiful. All the sale belts are by designer Augusta Jones, so oh high quality and with no trashy diamante, lol. We have always loved adding belts and sash’s to dresses to change them no end. Now here is your chance for a very affordable discounted price. Obviously first come first served and we would like you to just call to check we have a small slot for you to pop and view any.

Belt styles

Styles are very different and the look is different. It depends on your dress whether a sash or belt will work. We can advice if you wish. Most sash’s can be changed into a clean, simple belt with buttons or hooks to attach. Not everyone loves a big bow!


These sale belts are either one size or a size 12. They can be adjusted though.

Sale terms and conditions

Sale items are all non refundable or returnable. They are bought as seen but you will get plenty of time to check them over anyway. Items are paid in full and collected, so they are quick too with no order times.

Augusta-jones-belt-N27 Was £440. NOW £120

Augusta-jones-belt-N50 Was £105. Now £45

Augusta-jones-belt-N45 Was £215. NOW £80

Augusta-jones-belt-N18 Was £125. NOW £45




Want to have your bespoke wedding dress design made?


If you want to have your own bespoke wedding dress design made, then look no further, as Lara B are now offering this bespoke service again.

Lara B have a collection of amazing designer ranges in store, but we also offer a bespoke service to help you create the perfect design. We have our own in-house separates collection of options brides can mix and match to create the perfect dress. But you may be thinking more than this and have a very themed or specific design that doesn’t exist!

Lara the owner of Lara B is a designer by trade. So you can work with her for your concession to create and have made THAT dress idea. You will look at fabrics, shapes and any details you wish to add with Lara in store. Together you can create this design you desire. Lara is a creative individual, who will bring new idea’s to the table too, but with your clear vision in mind. Lara loves brides who want to be individual and unique and with her skills, you can come together and design YOUR dress.

When Lara opened the shop nearly 12 years ago, she worked with many brides, creating their bespoke gowns. As the years went by, Lara became busy with her young family, so it wasn’t possible to pursue this service. However, now after the launch of her own label, ‘Lara B Couture’, she is back on track with her extra creative hat on again!

How much could this cost?

The cost will vary on the design and fabrics. However, most will be about £1,500 – £3,000. For a commission, the service is very personal and the process can be longer, as more consultations are needed with extra fittings too. For bespoke commissions of this nature, we don’t charge you for alterations, as they are part of the made to measure service this gives.

How much time would my commission need to be made?

We always say to allow 6-7 months, as a standard lead time. This is the same for all dresses. However, we may be able to do a quicker lead time. That can be discussed at the consultations.


‘Most Curious wedding fair’ – For a unique wedding day


Looking for a unique wedding fair full of idea’s for a more individual wedding day?


The ‘Most Curious’ fair is at St Andrews Street, Norwich on Sunday 9th April. Tickets are available to buy through their website, so fast track your entry by buying in advance.

The fair is in collaboration with some great creative exhibitors, who cater for a unique couple and a wedding that is all about breaking traditions and a little bit ‘Rock n’Roll’. With a festival vibe but with classic twists the exhibitors wont disappoint you.

Their will be a fashion show during the fair and we are lucky enough to be chosen to be part of this. Not like your normal show, we may add! Stylised and full of exciting dresses. We will be showcasing our Rembo Styling range as well as some Lara B Couture dresses for the show, so very exciting to see the gowns on the catwalk.


A full list of exhibitors are on their website, so take a look and get a feel of what is to come. The London fair organised by the same people has just been in full swing and bought a great excitement of new idea’s with a fresh approach to what wedding are becoming – A celebration with a party feel.

We will be showcasing the new designs in store, so pop along from 11am – 4pm to see some on the catwalk or just talk to us at our stand. Always their to discuss your idea’s, book appointments and show you the creative dresses we stock.


Dresses by Lara B Couture

lara-b-couture-pixi-dress-cap lara-b-couture-pretty-pink lara-b-couture-sienna

Dresses by Rembo Styling

Rembo-styling-first-front- First-back-rembo-styling aimee-back-rembo-styling

Dresses by Mikaella

Mikaella-2105 Mikaella-2100 Mikaella-2083




Need a wedding dress alteration

Sue - seamstress

Bought a wedding dress in need of a dress alteration?

We obviously offer an alteration service for all our own brides, here at Lara B, using our own seamstress. However, we are now offering the ever increasing demand for this service to all brides, who need their dress alteration too.

Wedding dress alteration is a skilled job. Not anyone can successfully alter a wedding dress and we hear so many horror stories of people who try. NEVER sacrifice a good fit for your dress, as it will ruin your day. Not just that, you want to look your best.

What is the service on offer?

We are offering the fitting service here in the boutique, as all fittings. The fitting will require you to bring your dress, shoes and underwear to all fittings. Our in-house fitter will see what needs altering and action everything from the boutique. The service is the same as all our own brides, so their is no compromise on service. We do all the running around to the seamstress, making your experience comfortable and professional. The appointments will be 60 mins and we limit guests to TWO per appointment!

What are the costs?

The costs will vary of course, depending on what you need doing. However, as a guide most brides spend about £200-250. That will include a hem and a tweak of the bust area. We also charge £20 for the first fitting appointment, refundable against the final charges. You are welcome to call first and discuss what you require and we can suggest a price for a better guide for you.

Here are the basic wedding gown charges below.

Hem: £120-£150

Take in a bust: £90-£120

Make dress larger (if possible) – £100-£150

Design changes – On request

What alterations can you do?

We can do the basics as above. However, we are always helping to re-design dresses and create a DIY version of something. We love this! We are often asked to help re-design or just fit old gowns worn by a Mother or even Grandmother for their wedding. Adding straps or a built in cover up is also very popular. Basically with the design expertise from the staff and the talent of our seamstress, we can do most things. Just ask!

What are the time scales for alterations?

We always suggest the first fitting to be 6-8 weeks before the wedding. However, this is only a guide. We do not recommend much before 10 weeks, as you may change size slightly and this will only cost you more. You need correct shoes and bra (If wearing one) for all fittings, so make sure you have those. You will need at least two fittings and sometimes more, depending on what needs doing. We always aim the last fitting to be about two weeks before the wedding. Always book as soon as you can, as the season will get busy from April on wards for fittings. We can not guarantee to be able to do every fitting requested, due to schedule and timings. Always, first come, first served.

Can I try accessories on during my fitting?

Within the 60 min appointment, you have a little time to look at accessories. We have a large selection of veils and accessories to try, so let us know when booking and we can try and accommodate a longer appointment. Accessories can take 4-5 weeks to order, so arrange to try these on in the first fitting appointment.


See you soon

Lara & Rosie XX

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